Some Thoughts In Place of an Episode (You Really…)

(Editors note: To get out more blog posts, there may be some spelling or grammatical errors, but as long as you can read the english language you should understand the points I am making. Thanks for understanding. Don’t forget to have your pets spayed or neutered.) 

(Get it, the Replacements, in place of the podca…Well at least I really like the movie…)

Long story short, there is no episode this week. Jon is super sick and Leigh is super busy finishing an AWESOMELY SUPER Cook Book. Either way, I have some things to talk about and I want to give you guys some things to think about.

1. You Really Need to Listen to Music in the Morning. 

For the last few months I have been listening to, “Sports Talk,” or educational Podcasts. It did not help me get excited or energized for the day. Instead I sometimes dragged for an hour or two until my 5th and 6th cups of green tea were ingested.

About 10 days ago I made a point to fire up good old Pandora (I say old because everyone is using other music services now, but I paid for a year of Pandora One, so I am sticking with it) after I got back from walking my dog Marty.

(Clearly it was a long walk)

After 10-15 minutes of listening to music, I am fired up and ready to get to work, even if it is 7am and the sun isn’t up. A simple change that made a big difference to the start of my day as well as my outlook for the rest of the day.

Here are some hott (that’s right, with two “T’s”) beats:




2. You Really Should Watch Food Matters


You got NetFlix Streaming? Great! Fire it up and add “Food Matters,” to your queue. Marco Sanchez, a friend of mine and one of the strength coaches at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, had been recommending it to me for weeks, but I just kept brushing it off because I thought I knew all I needed to about the whole Organic food/eat more vegetables debate. This documentary changed my mind. So much so the next day I bought a $400 Blendtec Blender and spent about $150 on food at the local Whole Foods.

(It is one of those, “Blends an iPhone” Blenders. It is a frickin’ BEAST)

Here are some take home points:

  • We lose a ton of the nutrients in our food when we cook it
  • Same thing when we are consuming non organic fruits, vegetables, and nuts/seeds
  • The body is built to repair itself. It just has a hard time doing that when we are fueling it with heavily processes, nutrient lacking food.
  • Juicing is something everyone should do to get more servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Tony Gentilcore was always right, Kale is the food of the Gods.
And some stuff we already know but it is good to hear again:
  • You can’t make money off a healthy person
  • Being sick is profitable for drug companies.
  • Things are not getting better in the world when it comes to the health of the population. As we become more and more technologically advanced we also are becoming sicker and sicker
  • We should be growing more organic food and not wasting our time trying to milk a dry cow in the form of nutrient lacking fruits and vegetables
I might sound like a crazy person, but either way, this film has made me a healthier person. So I will call that a win.


3. You Really Should try this smoothie, it is my best so far…


4. Don’t Forget to Put Yourself First Sometimes.
Yes, we should all do what we can to help our friends and family. And yes, we should work hard. But don’t forget to put yourself first and remember what your priorities are. And remind yourself it is OK to spend $400 on a blender…Your future health is worth it.


5. Future Kevin will Have Enough on his Plate
I have a saying for myself. It goes something like this, “Oh well, I will just have future Kevin deal with it. I think I started doing this after seeing Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure for the 10th time when I was 11 or 12 and I started to get a firm grasp on quantum mechanics. Basically, don’t procrastinate. With work, nutrition, life, all of it. But especially life. My trip to Japan solidified that in me.


(Be Excellent to each other, and yourself)


6. Holy Shit, Did I just Have Two Keanu Reeves Movie References in One Blog Post?
Yes, yes I did.

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