The Breakthrough Home Gym Experiment (Workout #2)

Whewww… That day 1 wasn’t so easy, was it? If you didn’t catch the post for Day 1’s workout you can check it out HERE.

Now it is time for workout #2 in this home gym program. As you can tell from the image above, we are going to be doing some pull ups. The image about is of the Iron Gym. An, “As Seen on TV,” product that doesn’t look like a terrible joke played on the American public (THIS VIDEO IS NSFW!!!):


The Iron Gym isn’t just great for pull up variations, you can attach a TRX for a ton of different suspension exercises, arm sleeves to do ab exercises, and bands to do things like facepulls and assisted pull ups. Basically if you train at home you need to have one of these. If you are interested in picking one up you can get them for cheap on

The warm up is the same as day 1.

Now for Day 2’s lift:

1A) Wide Pronated Grip Pull Ups 4×6

1B) Asymmetrical Valside Reverse Lunges 4×8/side

1C) TRX Standing Rollouts 3×15

2A) TRX Push Ups (hands on handles) with feet elevated (if you can) 3×10

2B) 1-Arm Single Legged Deadlifts 3×8/side

3C)Band Face Pulls 3×15

Conditioning (Bike Intervals or Dog Run) Intervals :20/:40 (:on/:off) x 8

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