The Cheap Ass Sled: Part I

By: Kevin Larrabee


This past summer I trained with Eric Cressey and I became an admitted addict of two things, strength, and sleds. I loved me some sled dragging, I was the only person in my group that looked forward to them every Tuesday night after glute-ham raises. I don’t know what it was about the sled that I loved so much, probably because it was the only thing we did that I excelled in over everyone else in out group. It felt good to pull five plates when everyone else was about to puke, actually someone did, shout out to you Dan. I threw up a video of me dragging 5 plates on the sled during the summer, displaying my love for the exercise.



Also dragging the sled was a pivital part of the, “Death Circuit.”


Now here is the problem I was faced with, I don’t have a sled here at school to train with or to use with my clients. Also I don’t have $175 lying around to order one from EliteFTS. So, what do I do?

I thought to myself, that all I really need is rope, the plates, and something to put under them so they do not mark up the floor or destroy the rubber covering of the weights. I went to my local hardwa…Walmart, and picked up some 244 pound test rope for $5. I went into the storage closet of the weight room and found an old mat, and grabbed my $2 straps from my bag. Then after 15 minutes playing with different configurations I came up with this:

One of my clients Chris testing the Cheap Ass Sled on our rubber court.

Chris with the Cheap Ass Sled


Sled in Action

Chris Dragging Sled


Now how did this all work out? Come back next week for part two of how it is setup, with video.

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