The FitCast Accountability Blog (3/24/10)

I don’t know guys. We might be coming to the end of this edition of the FitCast Accountability Blog. It seems that we have some of the participants dropping out or just getting bored. To be honest, I haven’t had as much time as I would like to respond to each of the blogs individually, but hopefully the accountability is still keeping people in check. This may be the last week. We will see…

  • David has made some great progress! The pictures tell the whole story.

Now to the blogs:


Hey Everyone,

This week I actually couldn’t wait to get this blog posted!

So on Thursday I took what we call the PEB. It was my 1st physical exercise test for this year and the results were better than I had hoped thanks in no small part to the work I have done for this blog series.

My max effort bench came in at 178 lbs, more than 13 lbs better than my previous personal record when I was in the best shape of my life, and 28 lbs more than my previous test in 2008. My time in the mile and ½ run was 12:50, which beat my previous record best by 32 seconds (not too bad for a fat boy like me). As I had feared I didn’t improve much in my agility run, but my sit-and-reach topped out at 22 inches which to me was amazing as well.

Now I cant mention something so good, without mentioning the “ugly” as well.  After that performance I did indeed have a moment of weakness, and was more than tempted to celebrate with a piece of my personal kryptonite, cheesecake. Fortunately my INCREDIBLE fiancé kept me in line and showed me the error of my ways. Without her I honestly think I might have buckled.

This week I am hoping to stay the course and on track. I have to spend a few days at a training center which I know from personal experience has a world class cafeteria and workout center, and being away from some of the distractions of normal life at work should allow me to focus even more on the areas I want to work on in my life. And, with no TV at this center, I should get caught up on the “FITCASTS” I have backing up on my iPod.
Thanks to all for your support and see you next week.

Thanks for reading.



Mea culpa – MIDPOINT EVALUATION – Fitter YES, Fatter, About the Same. The storm that hit the country this last week did particular bad damage to the area I live in. Not quite as bad as when a tornado came through (Stamford, CT) four years ago and a large tree fell and sliced my wife’s Honda Pilot in half, but close. No power for over five days, no internet, phone or cable, and a large oak tree came down perfectly across the only road leading out of the complex I live in, so no car movement to leave the affected area. Kevin kindly gave me a pass on my blog for last week, but the stress of the storm and some other marital issues led me to test Tom Venuto’s tenets on “Emotional Eating”. Also, although we were car bound, we could walk to a convenient IHOP that was quick to solve our fridge cleanout issue due to lack of refrigeration.

The distraction of the storm put my eating plan on hold, and if I had a stronger constitution probably could have stuck closer to plan, but after a while, I was not strong enough and rolled over, especially with the offer of all you could eat pancakes. My weight held pretty steady, without any improvement, and I did discover I could work out by Coleman lantern light but my treadmill was not cooperative. I did some outside walking and got to know all the neighbors better, because all of us could not exit the area due to the tree issue. The storm receded and the clean-up crews returned to get rid of downed wires and transformers, and on Friday cable and internet access was resumed.

The only other thing to report is my third cortisone shoulder injection. The day I get the large dose, my shoulder “pings” somewhat and I experience what might be described as a roid rush. But it seems to allow me to workout within limits that minimize pain and discomfort and put off the inevitable surgery that will take me over six months to recover from . . . buying some time.


This was one hell of a week for me. It started out with my beloved 6 year old ferret, Kane, unexpectedly taking a turn for the worse and I had to put him to sleep. That pretty much made my week suck eggs. So, it kinda passed by in a haze and I just kinda was on auto pilot this week.

On the hernia tip: nothing major, I can continue doing stuff and nothing really needs to be done about it unless it really bugs me, which it doesn’t. So, I heartily returned to NROL4W which I’ve missed. And, I *finally* got to the shop to get my new bike fitted, and with the absolutely gorgeous weather we had this past week, actually managed to use it. Returning to my regular ride schedule after the winter, plus the injury had me a little worried about how well I’d do. But, that long, moderately hard hill I do on my lunch break at work was easier to tackle than I thought it was going to be. Sure, I have a sweet-ass new bike that rides like a dream and is actually fitted to my proportions, but I really also have to credit everything I’ve learned and done with NROL4W. My strength and abilities on the bike are leaps and bounds from what they were this time last year. Also, I was just reminded that I have a metric century coming up in 3 weeks. Holy hell.
I also enjoy that lifting nights in the basement gym of doom have become a family affair, my 4 year old included. He even has his own set of 2 and 5 lb dumbbells.
Ken’s post last week about his pants reminded me that I also had one of those pairs of jeans stored away somewhere because they didn’t fit right. Usually I’m a size 7, these were marked 9, and I swear to god they fit like a 5.  Stupidly, I did not try them on at the store and just took them home, and when I tried to put them on I couldn’t even get em up over my rear. That was, oh, maybe 4 months ago. I came across them this week and tried them on again, prepared to be all bummed out when they didn’t. Holy crap, they DID fit. AND I could close the snap AND wear them comfortably AND I wore them to work!
Clocked in at 149.8 this week and down a couple 10ths of a % BF.  I ate pretty clean this week, and I’m now only having a ‘free’ Saturday every other week. I *am* seeing the fat going away, obviously in places where there is less of it, but that splooge on my lower abs still refuses to move.
I think the NCAA should take some responsibility for the overall fatness of American men.  Usually this time of year my weekends look like this- Lazy Boy, Bud Light and brackets.  This year I’m trying to go a different route.  I watched the first half of a game on Saturday from the stair stepper at the gym.  I know, I hate the thought of 30 minutes of gym time wasted on a silly cardio machine too but it was better than the chair and Bud Light.
I forget the last time I stepped on the scale in my bathroom and the first number was a “1” as in 199.  Felt pretty good to break below the Mendoza Line.  Baseball purists will know the meaning of the Mendoza Line reference but for the non-baseball honks it means batting below a .200 average.  In baseball it is not a good thing, for my fat loss it’s a milestone.  The measurement around my waist also shrank by 1/4″.

Something I’ve realized, but never really done anything about, is how truly terrible my posture is. Last week was a big eye-opener – sitting and waiting for delayed flights, sitting through endless meetings, sitting at our booth to field questions, sitting at dinner with clients, sitting, sitting, sitting…. Always hunched over something, whether it be a laptop, notepad or a plate of food – and CONSTANTLY fidgeting to get comfortable.

I did some light research on a few sites (the best one was probably: ) and it really concerned me. I try to really focus on good form when I lift – often sacrificing the weight I use – but it rarely crosses my mind to focus on good “form” when sitting in a chair or how I stand.  A few of the site I came across had exercise recommendations for improving posture, and I plan on incorporating a few on my off days. If Kevin or Doc Fass have any further recommendations I’m all ears.

As far as the training goes, this week was like night and day compared to last week. Six of my friends and I all took Thursday and Friday off and watched NCAA hoops pretty much non-stop from 11am Thursday morning until Sunday night. I managed to get into the gym Tuesday night and then early Thur., Sat. and Sunday – and proceeded to eat like a king every day. We grilled nearly every meal, I managed to only drink 1 beer the entire stretch – no small feat considering the crowd.

I hit a PR in the back squat, doing 225lbs for 6 reps. 8 is my target going forward, but considering the most I had ever done prior to that was 205 for 5 I was shocked at how “easy” it came. I probably should have tried it awhile ago. As dumb and egotistical as it sounds, it feels cool to have two plates clanking around on each side.

And now for something completely different… I have been on a zombie binge lately. I have read World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide both by Max Brooks. Both are recommended, the Survival Guide is more for laughs and WWZ is a pretty neat collection of war stories from various survivors of the Zombie apocalypse. I watched both versions of The Dawn of the Dead. The 2004 was cheesy but entertaining and the 1978 version was ultra cheesy and awesome. I also rented Zombieland this weekend as a distraction from 96 hours of college hoops, I loved it.

If anyone has any recommendations on zombie movies or books to check out please let me know!


I forgot to mention last week that I officially got under 210 pounds, weighing in at 209.5 last Monday morning.  Today (Monday, March 22nd), I weighed in at 207, so I am very pleased with that – especially since I was out of town all weekend.  We went to my parents’ house, and that usually means I gain a pound or two since my mom is such an awesome cook.  She always makes healthy food, but I usually just eat way too much of it.  I managed to stick to my plan this time, though, in large part because I knew I had to weigh in and take pictures of myself this morning.  So there is definitely something to this whole accountability thing.  Anyway, here’s the rundown on my training and nutrition:

Monday 3/15 – Started round 3 of the 5/3/1 program with a timed circuit at the end
Tuesday 3/16 – Infamous TRX Workout A Phase 4 week 2 – Brutally hard
Wednesday 3/17 – 5/3/1 lift #2 with a timed circuit at the end
Thursday 3/18 – Infamous TRX Workout B Phase 4 week 2 – Wanted to die
Friday 3/19 – Coach Dos’ KB Complex – did this outside while the rest of the fam had a picnic
Saturday 3/20 – Ran in a 5k race
Sunday 3/21 – Rest day
I’m still loving the 5/3/1 program the way I’ve set it up for myself.  This is my 3rd cycle on it, and my lifts are still going up.  I also finished the Infamous TRX Workout (all 8 wicked weeks of it), and it was unbelievably difficult.  At the same time, though, it was a lot of fun and very rewarding.  My conditioning and work capacity have increased dramatically.
Nothing major to report here.  I ate according to plan all week.  It has become easier for me every week.  Yes, I’m still tempted – like at my daughter’s skate night they had pizza and I wanted to knock over every small child on skates to get to the pizza table and eat 24 slices – but I didn’t.  I ate before we left, and I knew I had a snack waiting at home.  It just gets easier and easier to avoid the junk food, and that is a very good thing.
I hope everyone else had a great week.  Let’s keep it going!  Until next time…
Life is finally getting back to normal, and by normal, I mean traveling all the time, and being really busy even when I’m at home.  This week, I’m in Boston.  That means yet another week of marginal (at best) diet, stressful meetings, and no real place to work out.  At least I have my new runners!  I’m seriously hoping it’s not raining when I get up so I can go move a little.  Last week was pretty good on the other hand.  I completed three of four workouts and I feel they were very productive.  Having the lat tower attachment to my power rack really makes for a fuller workout following the programs in New Rules.  Rows and lat pull downs (with sets of more than 5 or so reps, otherwise I’d just use the pull up bar) feel really good.

Here are some more half naked pictures.  No real change, but that’s not the end of the world I suppose.  I’m just looking forward to getting home and staying there for a while so I have access to the equipment I need.


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8 Responses

  1. Michelle C says:

    Nice work, everyone! I hope this thing isn’t going away quite yet… I look forward to reading about everyone’s struggles and successes. Thanks for letting us come on this ride with you all!

  2. Luke says:

    First of all, great job again everybody. And congrats David for improving and performing so well on his PEB!

    Secondly, I would hate to see this end so soon. I, for one, am not getting bored with it. It has definitely helped me stay the course, and it appears to have helped the other contestants that are left.

    I know it has to end sometime, but I’m just not ready for it to end yet. Maybe do updates every two weeks? Or if it has to end, maybe pick a date so we can have one final push to the finale? Just some thoughts. What does everyone else think?

  3. Selina says:

    Great to read your blogs guys.

    Batty, I think I can see some real differences – you’re looking good and I’m sorry to hear about your pet, that must have been really tough.

    Aaron – wow, you just look hotter and hotter every post that I see!


  4. Tim says:

    Too bad about the loosing of folks on the blog. I can tell you that except for the travel, this has really helped me focus on keeping the workouts going. Just having to write a post every week helps establish that pattern that turns into that life-long habit, and broadcasting that blog post to the hundreds of folks hitting the definitely gives you the incentive not to be the guy/gal that didn’t make it this week. Thanks to Kevin and the crew for putting this together and thanks to all the participants and readers/listeners for providing the motivation to do it!

  5. Tim says:

    Luke, I’m with you. I’d love for this to keep going. I was thinking this morning of ways to keep this going but free up Kevin to not have to put these blog posts together. Maybe a sticky link from the to a personal blog where we each keep up the tracking, then maybe check in every month or so with an article (instead of an article a week)? What do you think, Kevin?

  6. Wes says:

    I look forward to these updates every week. I’m sure there are lots of readers, including myself, that would gladly join up for the accountability. I know I would. Maybe start a new group of people and add those still devoted to that. Obviously I dont know the time involved in this for Kevin, but I would imagine there are others like me out there. I think Tim has a good idea with a separate blog for this.

  7. LC says:

    This is still a great idea, dropouts and all. Keep up the good work! You can be a changing force in someone’s life just by being a positive example, and that’s on top of all the benefits for yourself.

  8. Matt says:

    Keep it up everybody. I find the accountability posts to be quite motivating. Always good to hear the challenges other people are having, and how they aren’t so dissimilar from the challenges I have. Everybody is looking great.