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We have been talking about it for a while and you guys have been asking for it…Here it is…

When Leigh Peele and I put together Destination Abs there were three main components.

1. Leigh Peele’s Amazing nutrition books The Fat Loss Troubleshoot and (later on) Body By Eats.

2. The training program that I wrote up in accordance with the nutritional guidelines that Leigh Provided.


Yeah, that’s right, I just made that huge to prove a point, no easier way to do that than to use big font.

Because of how important #3 was to me I thought I would give you the same opportunity to you to finally get that body you desire and the support you need to achieve that goal. There are some rules and guidelines to all of this. This is only for those who are dedicated and are willing to work their assess off, literally. I will be there to support you and so will all of the listeners. I hope most of you know you can always e-mail me anyways through my personal e-mail address: Please use it if it is for this contest or otherwise. Same thing on Facebook ( and Twitter (Http:// Both of these sites are great for accountability, staying in contact, and talking about your progress and goals. I will personally follow every-single-one of the contestants.

Now For The Rules…

Here are the rules and how we will be selecting the 10 contestants:

  • You must send us an e-mail detailing why you need accountability, why this time is going to be different, your history, your goals, and anything else you think is relevant.
  • Must have a plan from one of the following
  • Must be willing to submit pictures weekly, front and side, in tight fitting clothing (tight shirt and shorts) or shirt off with shorts (with sports bra for the ladies) each Monday. No exceptions unless you have a great excuse that borders something like this, “I was arrested because I punched the guy doing bicep curls with 55 pounds in the squat rack.” If you fail to do so you will not be allowed to continue.
  • Must submit a 100-300 word update each week talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of your transformation that will be posted on along with your photos. If you fail to do so you will not be allowed to continue.

How we Decide the Winner

  • There will be a voting format put together soon.


  • 1st Place: Kodak HD Pocket Camcorder Zi6
  • 2nd Place: Iron Gym Extreme Pull Up System and 1 Tub of Ultra Peptide Pro (International contestants will get a copy of The FitCast Insider and an Ebook (will be offered a choice of 4 or 5 books)
  • 3rd Place: FitCast T-shirt and Sweatshirt

Now it it time to ask yourself the question: Do you want to be accountable and finally obtain the body and physique you desire? Let’s find out together.

BONUS: Video of me talking about the Iron Gym Extreme:


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5 Responses

  1. Lindsay says:

    Good Iron Gym demo Kevin – I have the original one and it’s my favorite piece of my home gym.

  2. Augie says:

    Hey Kevin, is there a scheduled start and end date for TheFitCast Accountability contest? Do we have to include our faces in our photos? Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this but I’m pretty embarrassed with my current conditioning state. Thanks, Augie.

  3. We are going to discuss it a bit more on the show this week and announce the selected few who will be participating.

  4. Augie says:

    So it’s too late to submit an entry?

  5. There is still time, send it in!