The FitCast Holiday Gift List 2008: #1- Warp Speed Fat-Loss

The 30 or so days between Thanksgiving and Christmas tends to be the time of the year we put on the most unwanted bodyfat. Personally, I think it is because of the following reason:

  • The obvious: Tons of junk food and home cooking surrounds you are holiday get togethers. You figure, what the hell, it’s the holidays, I will fix these habits on January 1st.

I have strayed from this quite a bit these last few years. It is OK to have a piece of apple pie on Thanksgiving or some Christmas cookies, but you don’t need to just throw your good nutritional habits out the window.

That brings me to the first FitCast Holiday Gift on 2008’s list. That is Warp Speed Fat-Loss. I did Warp Speed two months ago and went from 203 to a stronger, leaner 190 in just 28 days. Alwyn Cosgrove and Mike Roussell did an amazing job with this product in the way they layout the diet and training.

Mike literally tells you exactly what to eat for 28 days depending on your weight. And if you want he will give you guidelines to make your own meal plan. Alwyn’s workouts will take you about 60 minutes and will just cause body fat to strip away. If you have 20 pounds or so to lose, Warp Speed is a great way to get ready for the beach season or to just shed off that unwanted holiday body fat that you added.

Pick up Warp Speed Fat-Loss Here

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1 Response

  1. nick says:

    What About for young kids who have about 15 pounds to loose, but eat very healthy, and workout 3 times a week? And also (for my parents) what if someone doesn’t work out. is it still good for there weight loss?