The FitCast is Turning 10 (Celebration and New Directions)


10 Years.

Can you believe it? This  upcoming April marks the 10th anniversary of The FitCast. When that happens the show will pass 380 episodes. This year will see Episode 400. Absolutely crazy! As I continued to grow these past 10 years so has the show and it’s content. Over the course of the next few months you will see another evolution of the podcast and the content on this website. Even more exciting is that this May there will be a celebration in Boston for the 10th Anniversary with some incredible people, and hopefully you! More on that at a later date.


One of the first photos on the site when I just started training people in college. 9 Years ago.

In a lot of ways, the audience got to see me grow up form a college student, hungry for the best nutrition and training information, into the person I am today. It always blows me away when I meet listeners of the show in person and they remember some of the most minute details of my life they heard about on episodes long ago. I understand, it makes total sense, at Episode 371 there is over 500 hours of me talking on the internet. That. Is. A lot.


If we continue to get stronger as we get older we are going to be doing outstanding!

As the show turns 10 I want the podcast and the website to continue to grow along with me. This month I turned 30 and my core values have undertaken a major evolution over the last 10 years. Even more so in the last 12-18 months. If you have read any of the recent blog posts on the website you know that I have adopted a more simplified, minimalist lifestyle with a increased focus on life experiences and a decreased emphasis on physical possessions (another big post on that later this week). Subjects like minimalism, personal development, and maximizing one’s life is a real focus of mine today. You probably have noticed that this has had an effect on the content and topics of recent episodes and the content of the site already. Expect that to expand going forward.


Remember that dope logo? Shortly after I wanted to change it since it excluded women

Fitness, Nutrition, and Life

The FitCast has always had the subtitle “Fitness and Nutrition Podcast,” but that doesn’t accurately describe the form of the show today. Going forward it will be retitled “The FitCast: Fitness, Nutrition, and Life” to more accurately describe the contents of the show.

And don’t worry! There is still going to be plenty of discussions revolving around sets, reps, programming, nutrition, supplements, etc. But personally, I need the show to cover a wider rage of my interests that I think effect the way we live and consume life. Some of the best episodes I produced the last 6-months have been about, how my friend Brian Patrick Murphy puts it, “Living your Best Life…(Radio).”


 You can best your ass that these guys are living their “Best Lives” 

Having Georgia Dow on to talk about the psychology of fitness and wellness has been incredibly enjoyable and fascinating to me. She has been on 4 times in the last 6-months. And Episode 369 with Rog Law where we discussed life and what we want to get out of it received incredible positive feedback. As I have mentioned on the show multiple times, I think we have a really good idea of what we need to do to help people get bigger, stronger, faster, and/or leaner. In regards to nutrition we also have a pretty solid understanding of what to eat, how much, when to eat it, and the supplements that are worth our money.

As fitness professionals, our biggest struggle is in helping our athletes and clients overcome the mental stress and struggles they face when trying to achieve their goals. The latest episode I did with Leigh Peele delved deep into this subject and I LOVED the discussion. Big props to the awesome Jill Coleman as well, the chats I’ve had with her over the last year have been very super fascinating and lead to some deep thinking on my part.


Along with the mental/psychological side of fitness and nutrition I want to explore some more on how we can live better lives through things like minimalism, technology, meditation, writing, and how we get to the place that allows us to do what we really want to do with our lives.

I seem to be at a loss for words on exactly what I mean, but you begin to understand with my writing on the website and the subjects on future episodes. I might even do some more reviews and some “book reports” on what I am reading. Who knows? The best part is just like the show over the last 370+ episodes, both the content on the podcast and on this site will continue to grow along with me.

I can’t thank you enough for coming this far with me on my journey, I hope you continue on with me as we go into the unknown.


From the kid who learned how to podcast on his brothers Mac Mini to world traveler and teacher.

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