The Interrogation: Dan John

Dan John is the first victim of “The Interrogation.” Enjoy.
KL: Why did you do The Velocity Diet?
DJ: I needed a jump start. Like I said over and over and over again in the threads, it had little to do with fat loss (although it worked well) and more to do with me getting back some self discipline and some focus for the next few years. I wanted to redirect my relationships with food and drink.
KL: What was the hardest part?
DJ: Well, as I mentioned, it was having people say “Oh, I need to do that diet…it would be perfect for me!” Right. Sure. I just ignored people at parties after a while. I begged Tiff not to mention it to people, but my Mother-in-law announced it at two parties and every drunk eating bagels would ask me about it.
KL: How did your family feel about you having shakes at
every meal?
DJ: Finally, a new question! The girls, Kelly and Lindsay, pretty much thought it was just part of their dad’s weirdness. Tiff got sick of it fast. She travels a lot, so she had to deal with a grumpy husband all the time. So, it was a tough stretch at times.
KL: What would be one piece of advice that you would give to people who are doing the V-Diet?
DJ: I would suggest that you have everything ready before you start. One guy went so far as to make each shake for the month and put them in one gallon plastic bags…not the water, just the flax and powder. That is genius. You need to eliminate any thinking as you
go through the diet.
KL: Was it worth it?
DJ: Look at the pics. Look at the blood tests. Are you kidding me? Absolutely.
KL: How have you been since the diet ended?
DJ: The jump start was perfect. I eat eggs and green beans for breakfast, snack on snap peas…it has given me diet control! Also, I discovered that I need more water and that has been very helpful.
KL: What is sexier while on the V-Diet, (insert the most beautiful woman you can think of) or a nice piece of steak and a mixed greens salad?
DJ: I’m telling you…this is a tough choice. I dreamed of BBQ chicken!

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