The Real Rules of Fat Loss

It is about that time of the year again isn’t it? Time for the new years resolutions. The time where you and millions of others will set out to, “get into shape,” whatever that means to you. Could be fat loss, getting stronger, building lean muscle, or a combination of some or all of those.

Now you need to know what you want, seriously, know EXACTLY what you want. For example:

Do you want to…

  • Fit into these jeans/VR Troopers costume from college
  • deadlift 400
  • get a six pack
  • lower my blood pressure
  • eat more vegetables
  • run a half marathon
  • “feel healthy”
  • move out of my mom’s basement
  • etc…


This is the biggest mistake that I, and many others have made in the past when attempting to attain a goal. Focus in on what you want to accomplish, and then what you need to do to get there.

I think I will hit on this stuff again down the road but I wanted to throw out some Rules of Fat Loss, that if not adhered to, could lead to some catastrophic results.

1a. You Must Be Selfish

If you want to drop bodyfat, you need to be selfish. That means when your friends are trying to guilt you into another long night of drinking and questionable food choices, you might need to say no.

Shitty eating + plus shitty sleep = Turbo Fat Gain.

Pretty simple equation, and trust me, it is as true as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the need for stable sub space fields for safe warp speed travel.


1b. Fat Loss has to be a Top Priority

This is similar to being selfish, but it deserves being mentioned separately. If you are not fully invested into this, the damn will crack, water will seep through, and the dam could give and the flood of bad habits return. Also see Rule #5 for more on this.

2. Waiting for Fat Loss

This is where a lot of people fail in reaching their goals. They want to lose x-pounds, in x-amount of time. It is not unusual for one’s the goal or plan to be unrealistic. Unless you plan on implementing some kind of extreme diet, you might see a max of 3 pounds/week on the scale. Week 1 you will see upwards of 4 pounds if you start cutting out a large percentage of your typical intake of carbohydrates (water weight, glycogen stores). And notice that I didn’t specify fat loss on the scale, it is possible to lose some muscle mass along with that bodyfat. With proper programming and post workout nutrition this shouldn’t be a real issues unless you are in a major deficit or go from lifting heavy to the latest Tracy Anderson DVD.

To break things down a bit more, we know that in order to drop 1 pound of fat we must be in a 3500 calorie deficit for the week (or 500kcals/day). Keep that in mind when you consider your expectations on the scale.

To Recap:

  • Expect a max of 3 pounds of, “weight loss” each week.
  • Be patient
  • See Rule #4


(no time machine will help you with this paradox, but the new companion on Doctor Who is pretty amazing…)


3. Your Goal is to Make Sure The Goal Remains the Goal

Dan John is 1,000% right when he tell people that your goal is to make sur the goal remains your goal (or something along those lines).


If you want the process of fat loss to occur you need to do one thing. Expend more calories than you consume.

With that being said you can accelerate or improve the result by lifting, eating lean proteins and vegetables, reducing your intake of refined carbohydrates, etc…

So, make sure the goal remains the goal. Get to the gym, lift some stuff, dial in your nutrition, get as much sleep as you can.

Want some pizza? OK, how wil that affect your goal? Does it help or hurt? How about staying up all night drinking at a club? Unless Jason Statham personally invites you to his birthday party, it probably is not worth it (dude puts on dope parties…)


4. F*ck the Scale?

Leigh Peel did a great PDF on, “Screwing the Scale.” I am a believer in this mindset and pictures really do tell a more concise story. Weight fluctuations from a long list of environmental and hormonal effects can cause the scale to flux like an unstable wormhole. Wormholes are cool.

Try to take weekly pictures in the same clothes, at the same time of the day, and in the same poses. Put them side by side and make note of the physical changes.
5. Is it the Right Time?

Are you going through a crazy period in your life? Maybe a rough patch? If so this might not be the best time to start a rigorous fat loss regimen  Perhaps maintenance is a better option right now. This will depend on your personality though. A challenge or something to get your mind focused on a goal might be exactly what you need.   


6. What Makes You Happiest?

Jonathan Fass and I were talking about this a few days ago, but it is something we need to regularly ask ourselves and find out the answer. I think very few overweight people are happy that they are overweight. Sure, sometimes stories pop up about someone trying to break the world record for heaviest person, but that might be 0.00001% of the population.

I am not saying that overweight people are unhappy, not at all. Just that few people would get depressed from being in better physical condition.


(Do you think The Rock is happy to be on set for the best movie coming out in 2013?)

Wrap Up

My blog posts have a track record of trying to hit on a ton of different points without making becoming a mini novel, this one is no different. Hopefully you can take a few things from this and set out to make 2013 the year where you attain the body you want. If you need anything hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. Also I will be posting more updates on how I am implementing this stuff into getting my life in order. Check back soon.

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