Trainers: Why You Should Be Doing Bootcamps!

ttboot_cover2By: Kevin Larrabee, CSCS

I talked to Fat Loss Expert Craig Ballantyne about bootcamps last week. In this somewhat shaky economy (to be nice) it will be harder and harder to convince people who need to pinch pennies that they should have a personal trainer. Boot camps are becoming much easier on potential client’s wallets.

Kevin: Craig, as a trainer I have seen firsthand that bootcamps are a fantastic way for trainers to attract new clients and offer a cheap alternative to personal training. What else can beginner/new trainers expect from boot camps?

Craig: Well I think we are just getting started with the popularity of the bootcamp. In this economy, we are going to see “community activity” become more popular than ever. And that can mean anything from local organic gardening co-ops to very popular fitness bootcamp classes. Like you said, it is much more economical than one on one training.

I call it a WIN-WIN-WIN situation because the client pays less, you make more, and everyone gets more results (because of the social support).

The next big trend is to combine bootcamps with Transformation Contests to create your own mini-Biggest Loser. This will vault you to celebrity trainer
status in your area in no time flat.

Kevin: Now back to the idea of beginner/new trainers, it can be hard to build up a clientele, how will bootcamps help them?

Craig: You can give out free samples easier with less “cost” to you. Even if you are just doing small group training of 3 people, you can have someone take a
1-week trial and you aren’t “losing” any time since you’re already training 3 other people.

So the free sample works so much better here.

Plus, you have more folks to refer people to you.

And of course, as long as you “bring the energy”, you’re going to kickbutt because bootcamp people love a high energy session, and they will spread the

There are tons of ways to build bootcamps fast. And it’s fun! Bootcamps have all of the positives of working with clients one-on-one but with almost none
of the downside.

Kevin: Is it expensive to put together boot camp programs?

Craig: You should be able to put together a bootcamp workout for next to nothing. There are tons of places you can use for next to nothing, from church
basements to dance schools that aren’t using there space at 7am.

And you don’t need any fancy equipment to get started. Heck, you don’t need any equipment at all. A good trainer should be able to put together a
workout that helps folks get results with just bodyweight exercises.

Kevin: What about time, how hard is it to prepare boot camps?

Craig: Well, anyone can put together a bootcamp workout, but anyone can also put together a regular workout…doesn’t mean you’ll get results.

There certainly is both an art and science to it, and of course, nothing beats experience. So get a mentor to help you if possible. Otherwise, get
some done-for-you workouts to model. And then build out your own over time.

Kevin: Now, let’s get to what people can expect from your “Done For You” TT Boot Camp Manual.

Craig: I’ve put together the ultimate “quick start” guide for a trainer to get going with bootcamps BUT without making any big investments in equipment. In fact, you don’t need a single piece of equipment to do the “Done For You” TT bootcamp workouts.

So you don’t need to spend any money on that (and believe me, equipment can add up if you’re trying to equip a 10 person bootcamp with kettlebells, bosu
balls, and other stuff). Stick with the 21 Done-For-You TT bodyweight exercise bootcamps I created for you until you have a little extra cash to
get into resistance bands and kettlebells.

Of course, with bootcamps, it doesn’t take long to build up a nice income because you are training so many people at one time. I interviewed a
bootcamp marketing genius, BJ Gaddour, to show you how to get free publicity, fill your bootcamps, and get mega-referrals. You’ll get that as a
bonus to go with the book. Possibly the best interview I’ve ever done.

Kevin: Thanks Craig! People can check out CB’s new Bootcamp TT manual HERE

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2 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    With bootcamps, how do you ensure that clients are getting properly screened?

  2. Jerry says:

    No offense, but this sounds like what Crossfit has been doing for years.