Training at Excel: Day 1

Yesterday (Monday) was my very first day training with Eric Cressey at Excel. I have been looking forward to this for the last few weeks. This summer was going to be, “The Summer of George.” But insert “Kevin” where “George” is.

On Sunday night I received an e-mail from Eric asking me if I wanted to play in a charity basketball game with some of the New England Patriots. You can’t really turn a chance like that down. Then I found out that we were going to be training lower body before the game. Great…

But, after day 1 of training at Excel, and some 5 on 5 with the likes of Ellis Hobbs, Logan Mankins, Reche Caldwell and others. It was an interesting experience to get blocked by Logan Mankins, a 300+ lbs offensive linemen, not once, not twice but three times, in front of a crowd of about 600. Fun stuff.

Back to the workout.

Before we began we got some measurements. Clocking in at 193# and a 22″ vertical. Not too good on the vertical side. I am OK with the weight, I know I have been getting bigger, not so much fatter.

I started with some foam rolling and dynamic warmup. For lifting we did Sumo DLs, Bulgarian split squats, then some sled pulls. Also we did some core work and mobility work in between sets.

This morning, I am sore. Got up, made a nice 5 egg omelet, 5 pieces turkey bacon, and 30 minutes of incline treadmill walking to help with recovery. Also I will be giving my dogs a good walk tonight.

Thats all for now. To learn more about Eric go to

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1 Response

  1. HY says:

    How about “before” and “after” videos?

    Comparing video (before & after training at Excel)for your squat, bench, deadlift (and maybe o-lifts if you will be learning these) should be interesting.

    by the way… I remember Tony Gentilcore challenging you to hit “400lb DL (by the end of last year?)” in earlier episode. Whatever happened to that?

    Thanks for the great shows.