Training at Excel: Day 2/ Fixing your Nutrition

Wednesday was day 2 for me at Excel. We went through an upper body workout with some incline bench, cable rows, incline alt DB bench, face pulls, and ended with some med ball circuits.


I seem to be learning something every day from Eric Cressey at Excel. That was half of the reason why I drive 45 minutes there and back to my house each day. I just figured out it cost me $10 each day just to drive to Excel. Damn gas prices… I am making sure my next car is a hybrid.

Back to the workout. We ended with a med ball circuit, that consisted of 6 movements, each done 10 times. This was a timed exercise. I got 2:20 on the first, and ended at just under 2:00 on the 4th circuit. Eric reminded me that the med ball circuit is great because you can easily track the results that you are getting by how much faster you can complete it. I go back tonight to do lower body again. Should be a good time.

Lastly, Eric and I had to have a talk about nutrition. Mine needed some tweaking. I had the right idea, but I was taking in too many calories, to many carbohydrates, and not enough protein. After the fine tuning, I am on track for optimal results. Nutrition may be the thing that is holding you back too in your search for that beach body. If you haven’t already pick up Precision Nutrition from John Berardi. In Precision Nutrition, John tells you exactly how to make those modifications you need to drop the body fat fast, and effectively. This is where I turn for all of my nutrition needs.

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