Training at Excel: Day 3


Day 3 is done. Just got home, grilled some chicken breast and ate a bag of green beans. I also popped a Flame Out cap. I decided to give it a shot after I had to order some more strawberry MD.

Anyways, another lower body workout. Some snatch-grip rack pulls, reverse lunges, GHRs (first time doing REAL GHRs), you know, the good stuff. I feel great, sore, but great. Everyday I look forward to having Eric kick my ass. I will talk more about the environment change on this week show.

My diet is spot on, 100% no cheats. Veggies at every meal but 3 so far over the last 5 days. I have no desire for any carbs. I think it helps that I would feel like I was letting Eric down, I have some accountability now. I am tracking everything at FitDay. If you aren’t, you should do the same. It’s free, and extremely easy to use.

Now to the picture up there^. Eric’s Ultimate Off-Season Training Manual. I have read a shitload of manuals over the last two years. This is still my favorite.¬† Why? because it is not just for athletes. You can adapt the training philosophies that Eric¬† outlines to your goals, and see amazing results in the process. The information in this manual is proven through the results that Eric gets for his clients. He is training some of the best athletes in New England, because he get results, plain and simple. Eric even outlines the whole off-season for you at the end of the manual. But again, you should take the information and adapt it to yourself, the manual will tell you how.

Last thing, to all of you trainers out there. I forgot who told me this, but subscribe to all of the magazines that your clients might be reading (Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness, even Flex). This way you will know what the hell they are talking about if they ask you questions about “The Abs Diet” or the “Super Hero Bicep Workout” (You like that last one?)

Take Care,


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