Training at Excel: Week 2

I have been slacking on the blog posts, I have been kind of busy with friends coming home from school. From time to time you need to take a break, even from something I love to do like The FitCast.

Back to training. This week went pretty good. Again, I seem to be learning things from Eric Cressey everyday.  I am just glad he isn’t sick of all of my stupid questions. All of my weights stayed pretty constant, I did a bit more on the seated cable row.

According to Eric and Tony my posture is improving. 🙂 Thats a good sign.

It is amazing how many things I thought I knew, but I was off by just a little bit. From form to tempo to performing different exercises. I am going to try and do some videos with Eric and possibly Tony that would be for The FitCast Insider to start, then on youtube in the future.

Also another plus is that I get to see Carl Valle often at Excel. Carl is a really smart guy and I find myself just listening to his conversations with Eric, Tony, or John Sullivan.

Thats all for now, I have to prep for tomorrows show…

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