Training at Excel: Week 3/Workout 10

Could You Beat Him in a Med-Ball Circuit?

Last night was rougher than I thought it would be. We were doing mostly upper body with benching and rowing.

Just from Eric Cressey correcting my form on the bench, my weight went up 20 lbs. And my seated cable rows went up to 180lbs for 6 reps (Up from 160 in week 1). Again I think it had to do with correct form.

Then, to finish the workout was the dreaded med-ball circuit. To be honest, I really enjoy the challenge of bettering my time each week. On week 1 I clocked in at 2:20 for the circuit. Last night I got under 1:20. Eric keeps telling me that it is all about efficiency. Eric and I are going to make a video of the bed-ball circuit on Saturday so everyone can see what it is all bout. Along those lines we plan on having two videos up per week from my training at Excel.

Tonight is going to consist of some rack pulls, lunges, and my new favorite GHRs. It is odd that I have to prepair my weekend plans to correlate with the soreness of my hamstrings.

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