Training at Excel: Week 4/Workout 13

Reverse Sled Drags Make You Puke

Tonight went well. Eric Cressey and I came to the conclusion that my hips need A LOT of work. My box squats sucked tonight, like really bad. Borderline pansy like.

There was still more to do that night so I am not going to let that get me down. I did 275 lbs on the trap bar deadlifts for 3×8 which is nice.

Then came the reverse sled drags. I got to show off a bit by adding 35 lbs more than the rest of the gang which felt good. Even Eric seemed impressed. When we finished those I really couldn’t stand up straight for a few minutes, my legs were taxed.

Eric is going to give me two hip mobility circuits to do during the day to loosen these bastards up. I need to so I can actually improve my squats.

Eric’s program design has been helping me improve my strength and my body comp so much, I really never thought I would have so much improvement in three weeks. You should check out Eric’s Ultimate Off-Season Training Manual to see his philosophy on lifting and to improve your own program designing. And it is only $99 so its really a given to pick this up. I mean, that is less than two months membership at a gym, or 10-Large Pizzas.

Possibly the best thing I have learned this summer is that I will NEVER use a cookie-cutter program EVER AGAIN. That doesn’t mean I won’t borrow from them. It is really just because I am at a point where I know what needs more attention in my workouts.

EDIT: Eric wanted me to make sure I included that I am a “sissy” for never squating without a pad on the bar. I agree.

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