Training Log (8/16/08, 8/18/08)

By: Kevin Larrabee

Time to catch up on the log, here is Saturday’s and Monday’s workouts.


Pre-Work: Sprint Work

  • 10 Yd Side Starts x 4 each side
  • 35 Yd Carioca High Step to Sprint x 3 per side
  • 45 Yd Build-Ups x


  • A1) Trap Bar Deadlift 5×2,2,2,4,4  (375, 335)
  • A2) Kneeling Hip Flexor Mobilization
  • B1) Barbell Reverse Lunge 3×8/side (85lbs) I had a hell of a time balancing when my left foot was back
  • B2) Recoiled Rotational Med Ball Throws 3×4/side
  • C1) Glute Ham Raise3x10
  • C2) Turkish Get-Ups 3×5/side
  • D1) Cuban Press 3×8


It was really hot last night, also I think I need to eat closer to my when I lift, or have a 1/2 serving of Cytofuse or Surge before and a full serving after.


  • A1) Reverse Band Bench Press 3×1, 3×3 (345, 315)
  • A2) Various mobility drills.
  • B1) Alternate DB Floor Press 3×6 per (90 lbs, had a lot of trouble with my left arm)
  • B2) Chest Support Row 4×6 (90 lbs, should have used 85)
  • C1) Straight Arm Pressdown 3×10 (60 lbs)
  • C2) Pallof Press w/Pertubation 2x20s/side (with lots of laughing for reps in between sets, thanks Dan)

I need to bump my calories up a little bit, I am just going to add an extra serving of nuts, and I am getting in a Metabolic Drive bar in the 70 minute car ride home after lifting.

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