Training Log (8/19/08)

By: Kevin Larrabee

  • A1) Safety Bar Squats (4×3) 215
  • A2) Single arm cable row with rotation (3×10) 80
  • B1) Speed Deadlift (4×1) 225, 2 chains
  • B2) Hip Mobility
  • C1) Walking DB Lunges (3×8/side) 40, 45, 50×2
  • C2) Palloff Press with perturbation (3×20 seconds)
  • D1) Tony’s Circuit (Rope Sled Pulls, farmers walk, Side and DL Med ball throws)

Good workout, Spike kicked in on time. I did a pre/during workout shake with 1 scoop (1/2 serving) of Raspberry Surge and 4 scoops of Xtreme Folumations ICE. It tastes pretty good. Also did some sprint work before we lifted. Deadlift form is at 85-90%, I can tell I am close when my legs are all cut up 🙂

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