Training Log: Back on 5/3/1

As I hit the big two-five on Monday I reflected on the last year and my goals for the next five. In doing so I reached out to my facebook friends to see what they wanted to see from me and The FitCast in the next year. One of the requests was more training log type stuff…so here it is.

This week I got back on Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 lifting program. Now, the first question people are going to ask is, “Why did you ever stop following the program?” Fair enough question. I did the program at a time where I was lucky to get six hours of sleep and my body broke down. I tried to keep up with caffeinated beverages and some not so good dietary choices, and it caught up to me. I started to pull muscles, cramp up, and walk like a zombie.

One of my goals for 2011 was to make sure I make time for myself to do what I want in the weight room. I want to mess around and create some interesting variations of exercises. Find what works, and what works better. Lift heavy, condition hard, and see what my body is capable of. So…back to 5/3/1.

I really hope you got to check out Episode 164 with Jim. Jim has been able to simply the strength program for guys like me who don’t want to always think about fitting in dynamic effort work, percentages, when to deload, and when to increase the weight.Trust me, training yourself is a lot different than training our athletes and clients. I put more thought and consideration into programing one month for an athlete or client than 3 months of my own programing. Maybe I just care about my clients more than myself. I wouldn’t be the first strength coach to do that. But as I mentioned before, I am doing something about that.

Before I go further, if you want to get stronger, go get the 5/3/1 Ebook. It is $20. I bet you spent more money on Katy Perry music and dvds in the month (OK, maybe that was me). Who could blame you (or me…).

Mentioning Jim Wendler and Katy Perry in the same post might earn me an ass whooping at the next EliteFTS seminar… Totally worth it.

So here is my setup for Day 1:

1) Trap Bar Deadlift 3×5 (315 for 14 reps on last set)

2A) Glute Ham Raise 5×10

2B) Situp and Press on GHR 4×10


20 Yard Sled Push x6

Doesn’t sound like much? Tell that to the sweat all over the floor at MBSC.

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1 Response

  1. Scott says:

    After hearing Jim on your podcast and being completely impressed with his knowledge and approach to lifting, I bought 5/3/1 and have been working with it for the past 6 months. I combine that with Mark Ripptoe’s lifting format utilizing an alternating A/B workout which incorporates squats, deadlifts, overhead pressess, chin ups, bench, and power cleans. SInce my goal is to gain muscle (even if it means gaining the obligatory body fat), I’ve cut back on my conditioning to allow for greater recovery. Working nights, I definately don’t get as much sleep as I would like/need, and I’ve found that briskly walking assists with recovering from the heavy sessions. Combined with dynamic warm ups and foam rolling, I’m making steady gains and only suffer from an occasional soreness. My goal is to squat 300 #s and deadlift 400 #s by the end of the year. I’m confident I’ll achieve that by following Jim’s program.