What the Hell is in Your Fridge???

When I was nine-years-old my family was rented a house that had a Sub Zero Fridge. And yes, to be honest, in 1995, the main reason I loved it was because it said Sub FREAKIN’ Zero on it! You know, like in Mortal Kombat… Well here are pictures just in case there is confusion:

(Sub Zero the Killer…)

(Sub Zero the Chiller…)

OK, now that I got the obligatory video game reference in… I want to know what is in your fridge. I will show you mine, if you show me yours (and the sexual reference is in too…BAM!). After you send them sent in, I will do a follow up showing off our listeners/readers fridges. You can send them to: questions@thefitcast.com

Now here is mine:

(Spike, Pasture butter, tons of green tea and some protein shakes in case of emergency)

(lots of seltzer water, milled flax seeds, green beans, more green tea, cage free eggs, egg whites, lite cheese blend, kiwis, and plain greek yogurt).

(Frozen vegetables, Ezekiel Bread)

(Some frozen meat, more frozen vegetables and fruit)

Next up will be the cabinets.

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5 Responses

  1. marc says:

    Your fridge is awfully organized…is that how it usually is, or did u doll it up for us?? 🙂

  2. I am kind of a neat freak now that I live on my own. So I keep it organized for the most part.

  3. ali berkok says:

    Kevin. I’d like to see some dark green fresh vegetables in there! (kale, spinach, etc.)

  4. Chris says:

    I do not know who has more egg whites in there fridge you or Ronnie Colemen. Awesome blog post Kevin, I have my clients do this all the time.

  5. Myron says:

    Very neat you are. Love those egg whites i have a bunch of those my self. What is in green bottles in door? One problem not enough Spike.