What Up Kev?: Episode 3 (Fat Burners, Training Your Kids, Getting Certified)

Here is Episode 2 of the What Up Kev? mid-week podcast. You can download it directly here:

WhatUpKev002.mp3 (Right Click and Save-As to download)

or grab it through the iTunes feed for The FitCast.


  • Kevin,I just recently discovered podcasts in general and The Fitcast in particular. It is awesome and a source of great information. I always imagined what Alwyn Cosgrove sounded like and now I know.

    I just listened to your latest “Ask Kev” show and heard about the Eat, Stop, Eat question. I have used the method to some success. Your criticism about binging when one finally gets to eat is spot on, and my method for dealing with it is having lots of filling, healthy foods on hand for dinner the night after the fast ends. I might eat more than I normally would for a single meal, but I eat grilled chicken breasts, greens, beans and nuts. Following a “healthy” diet during the week and having one 24 hour fast, I have lost about eight pounds in the past four weeks, without too much mental anguish.

    Keep up the good work,

  • Hi Kevin,Sorry to bother you for this little matter. I’m a 19 year old asian male who has been following your podcast for a LONG TIME! I was thinking of investing in a few fitness books with the goal of learning more about exercise methods for pushing my fitness (and hopefully in the future if i further my ambition of being fitness/strength coach!). I’ve been keeping an eye out for good books and i’ve found 3 which sound promising. if you had a little time, could you advise me on which books are worth getting and also on some books that I should get with respect to training? I’d be much indebted if you could!

    1) Escalating Density Training: Muscle Logic by Charles Staley
    (i already understand the principles and concepts upon which the EDT style was built, being a T-Nation article geek. however, i don’t know if there’s good, new information in there that i can learn from. if you’ve read it, could you advise me on whether it’s worth the money?)

    2) the new rules of lifting by lou schuler and alwyn cosgrove

    3) The testosterone advantage plan

    Once again, thank you very much. I understand that you are a very busy person, so i wouldn’t mind if you miss this email.

    Yours sincerely,

  • I’ve read on a couple of websites that you have to wait an hour between getting up en training because of the spine being dehydrated.
    Is this also applicable for bodyweight exercises? Because I like to get up and train right away.


    Jim from Belgium

  • What up Kev, Love the Fitcast and enjoy your weekly question sessions! Haven’t missed one yet. I was struck by your recommendation of use of a fat burner to get those last 2-3 pounds you need and starting about a month before your calendar goal; May 1st for June 1st for example. I know the question of “best” product is hard to answer so, what product would you personally recommend to your clients and fans? Thanks.  -Ian
  • hey kevin
    first just wanted to say that i appreciate the show. i was a nutrition major and exercise phys minor in college and am currently not living in the US. i appreciate that you guys give a free, easy to find resource to keep my knowledge of my field growing while i am pursuing other ventures. the question i have regards becoming a personal trainer. as i said, my education was in nutrition and exercise physiology, and while in college really did not desire to do training, but now my interest has been peaked in the profession. i feel i have a good amount of knowledge about the subject .but my schooling did not require any type of internship, but to get to the point of my question i was wondering what steps i should be taking to do so and what are the key differences in the different certifications(ASCM, CSCM, ect…)
    thanks kevin, i appreciate your input and once again really love the show.
    also i dig your music choices for your workout, my “workout play list” is very very similar, might i recommend some Incubus, Emery, or Falling up to add to that list.

    anyway, i know youre busy. thanks man
    matt, Valencia(originally from Ohio)

  • Hi Kevin:I love your podcast! I have a son who will be turning 13 next month and plays basketball. Skill wise he is fine but lacks explosiveness, quickness and strength when compared to other players his age. He is 5’7” and 140 lbs so has decent size. Unfortunately, his coordination is just OK and has muscular low tone. He has been playing competitively for 3yrs and has taken about 20 small class training sessions in the last year that focus on sport movements. I’d like to start working with him and thought in addition to some lower body agility and footwork drills to add some medicine ball training, weights and plyometrics (somewhat cautious on this one, but thought exaggerated skipping and small box jumps may be helpful to him), and jump rope too. I did graduate with a degree in Phys. Ed. with concentration in Adult Fitness, plus worked as a trainer but that was about 15 yrs ago so I am a bit out the loop so hoping you can provide some help!

    Best regards,

    Mark Johnson
    Yardley, PA

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1 Response

  1. Derek says:

    What Up Kev?

    Also a Massachusetts resident here, weather has been pretty decent considering… I can’t complain. Anyway, just wanted to Say thanks for the great podcast, listen while I workout and makes the workout fly by.

    I know this is a deep question, but… anyway you can go over some factual nutritional information? I see so many people commenting on the same thing so many different ways…

    I eat a very clean diet… fruits, veggies, lean meats, fish, whole wheat bread, etc etc…

    Is whole wheat pasta a good choice? or is pasta still a processed food and should be avoided when possible? Potatoes? are they bad? should they be swapped out for sweet potatos? are they that much better?

    I just feel like I try hard to eat a healthy clean diet, evenly distribute fat, protein, and natural carbs, avoid processed foods, eat lots of veggies and fruit (limited to 2 fruits per day), and then I read these articles and feel like I’ve failed.

    I know this is a really loaded question, and basically all Im looking for is a reference point where I can do my own research… a book, a website, any place you can suggest I get some real honest to goodness factual information on nutrition and nutrition timing?