What Up Kev?: Episode 2 (Fat Loss methods, Biceps, Metabolic Training Nutrition)

Here is Episode 2 of the What Up Kev? mid-week podcast. You can download it directly here:

WhatUpKev002.mp3 (Right Click and Save-As to download)

or grab it through the iTunes feed for The FitCast.

  • Do you know anything about the Insanity workout? I’m thinking of getting it but I want to know if it’s worth it. -Danielle
  • Program design for overweight clients. How you do modify dynamic warms ups, strength training, metabolic conditioning, etc, for the obese population? -Kris
  • Hey Kev,

    I was wondering what you recommend for post work nutrition after a “metabolic” workout? I always have something to eat about an hour before any workout. And after my strength workouts i have a shake of protein and some fruit or i have chocolate milk. But i didn’t know if i should just have protein after a metabolic workout, or if i should still have some simple carbs in there. or does it just depend on how long and intense the workout? What if i do a very intense 10 min workout? Thanks!


  • What up Kev? I have a question for you about bicep work. I know that I shouldn’t worry about my arms before getting strong first (I bench 185 lbs for my 1 rep max) but let’s be real, the summer is coming soon and when the suns out the guns are out. What can I do to accelerate my bicep growth, let me know and I can send a picture to show you were I am at. Thanks for answering my question, love the fitcast and your new blog! -Samuel.
  • Hey Kevin. Hopefully I find you doing good. I LOVE the podcast. I have a question to ask. I’m sure you probably get asked this all the time, but is building muscle and weight loss attainable at the same time or is it just a myth? A friend of mine said it isn’t possible. Now, I’m at a calorie deficiency, only taking in 1400-1500 a day. But, I’m also lifting weights. Will I get anywhere in the muscle gaining department or am I wasting my time? Thanks Kevin. Love the show! Keep it up!

    P.S. Hope this wasn’t TOO repetitious for you. =) -Stepheon

  • Kevin,

    Help me out here… simple question… not sure the answer is as simple…

    I’m pretty sure my body fat is in range where my abs should be showing. right now if you look at the right angle, and squint, and cross your eyes slightly you can make out my 4 pack.

    Im assuming I just dont have the muscle to show anymore. right now I do daily planks (90 seconds) and side planks (6 seconds each side) 7 days a week.

    I really want to get these abs poppin for summer time. Is there a more effective way to target these suckers?

    My diet is dialed in 2600 cals per day all clean foods, 250g protein, carbs under 200g.

    hot the gym 4 days a week for weight training, cardio the other 3. Other than the morning planks I do no direct ab work.

    Thanks in advance for the help! -Derek

  • Any thoughts on some of the fasting programs presently being offered (ie.EatStopEat?) for rapid weight loss? -Larry

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  1. Robert says:

    Loved the first minute. Great laugh. The rest was good too. That start was great, though.