What Up Kev?: Episode 4 (Kettlebells, Ketogenic Diets, Corrective Exercises)

Here is Episode 4 of the What Up Kev? mid-week podcast. You can download it directly here:

WhatUpKev004.mp3 (Right Click and Save-As to download)

or grab it through the iTunes feed for The FitCast.


  • What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of short-term ketogenic diets or CKD in general for fat loss especially if one has hit a plateau in fat loss after 8 weeks of very clean eating and training -David
  • This is just a question for you, and you don’t have to ask it on air.  I recently bought Assess and Correct and just finished going through all the assessments.  I can’t find contact info for the makers and i knew you were familiar with the product so i was hoping you could help me out and give me your recommendations.  So, I have to pretty much correct almost everything and they are not clear in the manual when i should be doing all these corrective exercises?   Since i have to do so many, should i make it a whole workout?  and perhaps do it every other day?  Its kinda alot to do before my workouts, but i guess i could just do a few?  What do you think?  I’m willing to take a lifting break to fix all these problems if you think i should just concentrate on them.  If i do that, should i do multiple sets of the exercises?  On the DVDs they just say do 8 reps ect., they do not say anything about sets.   Thanks so much for any help you can give me.
  • What up Kev!

    Through dedication and the knowledge I’ve gained from listening to the fitcast I have been able to achieve many of the fitness and nutrition goals I set 2 years ago.  During this time I have been very diligent about eating clean and hitting the gym 6 days week for 60 – 90 minutes (about 70% weight training 30% cardio).  However, I feel that this is a little too strict to follow for the rest of my life.  I would like to maintain as much lean mass as possible and I’m wondering what common “maintenance mode” routine would work best?  Thanks in advance for your help and guidance!

    Blaine, Minnesota

  • Hi Kevin. I know in past fitcast episodes you have mentioned kettlebells. I like to workout at home so I went on the internet and searched for kettlebells + some kettlebells workouts. I was immediately flooded with tons of kettlebells, DVDs & books. Do you recommend any brand over others, what weights should I get as a novice to kettlebells, and any good kettlebells workout sources recommendations would be great. Thank you so much for the help.


  • Hey Kevin,

    Aaron from the accountability blog checking in with a question/potential blog post.

    I was asked to join a Beer League Softball team this summer. I’m excited to play, but haven’t picked up a bat or glove since junior high. Any tips you have picked up from Cressey that could translate to softball training? I throw Land Mines into my core work already, I think making that a priority move is a good start.

    I am hoping that if my body is ready to play – my skills will quickly follow.

  • Kevin,

    I just recently discovered podcasts in general and The Fitcast in particular. It is awesome and a source of great information. I always imagined what Alwyn Cosgrove sounded like and now I know.

    I just listened to your latest “Ask Kev” show and heard about the Eat, Stop, Eat question. I have used the method to some success. Your criticism about binging when one finally gets to eat is spot on, and my method for dealing with it is having lots of filling, healthy foods on hand for dinner the night after the fast ends. I might eat more than I normally would for a single meal, but I eat grilled chicken breasts, greens, beans and nuts. Following a “healthy” diet during the week and having one 24 hour fast, I have lost about eight pounds in the past four weeks, without too much mental anguish.

    Keep up the good work,

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  1. paul roper says:


    What do you thnk of P90X program.

  2. Farley says:

    What up, Kev? Good Pcast this week. More jokes and rants, dude. Makes my drive less painful!