Why I Watch Pro Wrestling (Then and Now)

I am in 9th grade. It is Tuesday morning, 7:39 am. Six minutes until science class starts. The teacher still isn’t in the room. My friend Bryan and sit at her desk, on her Macintosh Performa (before Macs were cool again) with Netscape pointed to WWF.com. We digested the results from the previous night’s Raw and Warzone results.

Holy crap! The Rock went up against Kane in a Hell in the Cell match?!?! Stone Cold gave Vince McMahon a stunner and flipped him double birds? Why won’t these incredibly pixelated video highlights load!!?!?!?

See, back in the 9th grade I couldn’t stay up past 9:30am (I needed to get my sleep so I could graduate high school and go to college. OK, I can understand that, thanks Mom.). So the morning after Raw I would make sure to get to school early to read about what happened the previous night. Me and a some of my friends were obsessed with the WWF (now WWE). We had t-shirts, the videos games, replica championship belts, and of course went to the events when they came to Boston.

Back then, I was drawn into the wrestler’s amazing athleticism and intriguing story lines. Are you telling me you don’t want to know who ran down Jim Ross?!?! What about the amazing back and forth between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon? I mean..check this sh*t out!!:


Around the time I was 17 some of the biggest stars left due to injury (Stone Cold), movie careers (The Rock), or death/going crazy (Chris Benoit).

Over the last year or two I have been getting back into the WWE thanks to their new electrifying super stars including John Cena, John Morrison, and a new big baddie in the Nexus. It is also a huge plus that I have friend and fellow strength coach Kyle Holland to talk about the previous nights matches as well.

Why The Hell Do You Watch It?

Whenever I talk about the WWE everyone asks why I watch “fake wrestling?” First off, these comments tend to come from the same people that watch, “Jersey Shore,” or, “The Biggest Loser.” It is the drama and the excitement. And is the WWE scripted? Yes. But is it, “fake?” No. Many of the athletes break bones, tear ligaments, and risk their lives entertaining an arena full of cheering fans. They do some of the most athletic moves you will see outside of pro gymnastics. For example, check out some of new comer John Morrison’s moves:


If you don’t think these guys are athletes you are crazy.

So I watch for because of their athleticism. Same reason many of us watch UFC, or the NBA, etc. I would love to interview some of these guys

Check Out Their Training:

Say what you will about what these guys (and girls) put into their bodies. They train their asses off, while on the road 320 days of the year. The best example is again, John Cena:


Now if you just watched that, I am guessing you are going to want to go lift, I know I do. See you next time.

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2 Responses

  1. Roy says:

    Kevin’s crushing on Cena…. HOT

  2. Emily says:

    Just came across this article Kevin. . . . I’m a 29 year old female and I never miss an episode of RAW or Smackdown. LOVE that stuff. It’s the most entertaining thing on TV, especially now that. . . . . . FINALLY! The ROCK has come BACK!