Crossroads: Your Support and the Future of The FitCast


(I know this is a wall of text, but if you are invested in the future of the podcast, please take the time to read it all) Here is the audio so you can hear my thoughts. Download Via iTunes  MP3 Download RSS 7 Years… Here we are, 7-years since I was sitting in my dorm room in college and got the idea to start a fitness and nutrition podcast since everything I saw on iTunes... Read More

Last Chance to get Stave Mode for $33 and FitCast Game Night Details!


It looks like Leigh forgot to end the discount on Starve Mode at midnight. I am guessing she passed out from a crazy week with the launch of the book! You can pick up the package that comes with the Updated Fat Loss Troubleshoot and the new book, “Starve Mode” for just $33. Take the weekend to read through it and get going on your fat loss/physique goals on Monday. You... Read More

Three People in the Fitness World I Love to Follow


As we come towards the end of 2012 I wanted to put together a quick blog about about the three people in the fitness world that I love to follow the most. Yes, lists are kind of lazy, but I want to continue to bring you guys content on a regular basis. 1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson If you like to lift and push yourself hard in the gym, you won’t find a better... Read More

FitCast T-Shirt Super Sale Extreme


  WARNING: SHIRT WILL INCREASE TOTAL STRENGTH BY 64%. DO NOT HUG YOUR PET WHILE WEARING IT!* …ALSO INCREASES YOUR DEADLIFT BUY 29%, BENCH BY 78%, AND BICEP CURLS BY 201% (only when sleeves are cut off…)* I know I promised this a long time ago, but I have finally had a chance to go through all of the FitCast Shirts I have left and count out what I have in terms... Read More

Must Have Fitness and Nutrition E-Books: Part 1


Personally, I hate the term “E-Book.” It sounds derogatory. Like these books are some how lesser than other books. In my opinion, ebooks have been an amazing creation for distributing information in an instant instead of waiting for the UPS guy to how up 5 days after I paid for something. In the last 4-5 years I must have read over 60 ebooks from various authors in... Read More

Review: Super Hero Fat Loss


You have probably noticed that I don’t talk about a lot of fitness products on the website. When I do, it is because I think people need to check said product out. Such is the case with Super Hero Fat Loss. Yep, I am a little late to the party when it comes to talking about Super Hero Fat Loss, but better late than never, right? Let’s break it down real quick. Last year... Read More

Some Thoughts In Place of an Episode (You Really…)


(Editors note: To get out more blog posts, there may be some spelling or grammatical errors, but as long as you can read the english language you should understand the points I am making. Thanks for understanding. Don’t forget to have your pets spayed or neutered.)  (Get it, the Replacements, in place of the podca…Well at least I really like the movie…) Long... Read More

Perform Better Meeting of the Minds: Live Blog


I am here in Arizona for the 2011 Perform Better Meeting of the Minds. Mike Boyle and I flew up this morning while there was snow on the ground in Massachusetts and landed to 80 degree weather with clear skies. There was one major let down though, the water park is only open on Saturday and Sunday! Anyways for the whole weekend I will CONSTANTLY be updating this post with thoughts... Read More

The #1 Reason Most People Don’t Get Results


Editors Note: This blog turned into a rant/brain storm/I don’t know. I go off the path in spots (or don’t even address the actual headline of the blog), just hang on and keep reading. Post feedback in the comments and lets get a discussion going Thanks. Also I just put in some pictures of Tokyo to break up the post. -Kevin Read More  Read More

Review: Eat Stop Eat (The Ultimate Intermittent Fasting Guide)


Intermittent Fasting is the new hotness these days. But believe it or not, Brad Pilon was ahead of the pack back in 2005 when he wrote Eat Stop Eat. And I will be 100% honest, I was fully on board with the, “You need to eat 6 meals a day to increase caloric expenditure. and keep the fire stoked.” Remember all of that? Now study after study is coming out debunking that (and... Read More