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Kevin’s Supplement Rule Book

Supplementation is how we cover all of the bases nutritionally. Don’t eat fish? Buy some fish oil. Never go outside, or live in Alaska (I hear you can see Russia for there)? Take some...


Six Tips to Dominate Holiday Nutrition

Here we go boys and girls. I have heard that this is, “The Most Wonderful Time of the year.” And let’s be real, it is. Family, friends, food, PRESENTS!!!, Christmas movies (National Lampoon’s Christmas...


The Tools of Accountability

We received an e-mail a few weeks back asking about ways to track progress and to enforce accountability. This goes along with the upcoming FitCast Accountability Blog/Contest, if you haven’t already give it a...

9 Things I Learned in 2009: Part 1

9 Things I Learned in 2009: Part 1

Yep, it is another one of those, “things I learned last year” posts. Hopefully I have some things that aren’t on those other lists, and at least you get to see a dude with abs on his back (so I guess Lumbar extension is OK!). I myself have been on a fat loss quest for about a year. Actually it was more of a body transformation as I was also able to go from a 205 lb skinny fat guy to a 195 lb guy who actually has some muscle on him as well.