You, the Listener, Are Now the Supporters of The FitCast

Our sponsors have run out and now the future of the show is in the hands of the audience. The show is at almost 300 episodes, but I worry that with my increasingly busy schedule and commitments that the show will be sacrificed.

I love doing the FitCast. In all I have recorded over 450 hours of audio, from interviews, to mailbags, to crazy off-topic discussion on how great the Fast and Furious movies are (2 Fast 2 Furious is not included in that). But, with all that said, it still takes a lot of time to produce and the huge amount of bandwidth needed for the podcast is not free. On top of that we got hit with a spam virus last year which took a good chunk of change to get fixed with a third party service.

So what I want to do is make the production of The FitCast more like a job for me. A responsibility to a paying audience. This will make sure I keep the episodes coming on a regular basis and that the quality is consistently high.

Here is Where You Come In

No matter what you donate, I am sincerely grateful for your support and will give you a high five if we meet in public! But if you donate $50 or more I would like to publicly give you a thank you on the show. If you would rather keep your name private, just let me know in the notes section of the donation or send me an email via the contact page.I hope you have gotten some value out of the podcast these last 8 years. If you are financially able I would appreciate your support as the shows passes 300 episodes.Recurring DonationsFor the price of a cup of coffee each month you can keep the podcast going strong. Setting up a recurring donation of $5/month would be a big help and show your continued support of the show. You can also make a one time donation if that is easier for you.

<======You can Donate by Clicking on the PayPal Button on the Left

If you can support the show, I want to give you my sincere thanks. This podcast started 8 years ago on my passion for fitness and nutrition. I hope in that time you have been able to take away some valuable information. Thank you.