Episode 28: Mike Robertson (AKA The Ass Master)

Download Episode 28 here: TheFitCast028.mp3 (Right Click and Save As)

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    • Insider
      • Being pushed back 1 week.
      • Eric, Tony, Mike, Cassandra, Rachel, Craig
      • Separate from the main show
  • Q&A
    • Do you ever plan to compete competitively in power lifting again?
    • How should someone go about increasing ankle mobility after a bad sprain?
    • Can you tell us about what the MM e-manual includes?
    • In your article, “On the go Nutrition” you listen a bunch of options for people to eat on the run, what is the #1 mistake people usually make with on the go nutrition?
    • Could you go over what your training regimen looks like currently? What are your goals?
    • What has it been like putting together your own home gym? Is there any advice you would give to out listeners that are thinking of doing the same thing?


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