Episode 74: Turkey Hangover

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Hosts: Kevin Larrabee and Jimmy Smith (Blog)

FitCast Topics

  • Scott Abel will be back soon, promise
  • Mike Boyle on Next week (send questions to questions@thefitcast.com)
  • New Logo, Thanks Dave Fink
  • I got another Wii look for some video soon
  • Damage Control Thanksgiving


  • I’d love to hear what the panel thinks of the “hCG diet”.I’m a physical therapist and I’ve been treating a patient who is post-op patella tendon repair (4 months ago). He’s in his early 30’s and built like an offensive lineman (6’4″ and over 360lbs). His rehab is progressing very well by the way. Anyhow, he recently started the hCG diet at the suggestion of his naturopathic doctor, who’s apparently doing research on the diet. Well, in the first 2 weeks he’s been on this diet, my patient has lost over 20lbs and is ecstatic. I’m all for him losing weight to reduce the strain on his knee. Besides his 2-3 treatments each week (mostly all exercise based), he’s also working out on his own doing upper body work at his gym a couple time a week – so he’s burning plenty of calories. From what he’s told me about the diet, I’m somewhat alarmed at the 500 calorie limit per day. I’d love to hear what the roundtable has to say about the diet. In case you’d like to know, his therapeutic exercises at each treatment take at least 45 minutes to go through and we’re working his lower body and core pretty hard. Could this present a problem with only a 500 calorie diet?

    Thanks for reading!

    Kevin, PT, DPT, CSCS

  • Hope all is well with you. I have a question on Fish oil. I’m sold on it’s benefits, but I wanted to know how important (or unimportant) it is to ingest it in pill form. Is this the optimal intake method, or can you take liquid fish oil and get the same benefits.As always, thanks for all the info and keep up the great work.

    JC Cleary

  • I train at a good facility that has trainers who seem to know their stuff. Their clients all seem to be getting stronger and more fit. However, members that don’t pay for personal training seem to be getting worse and worse. I feel that just because these people aren’t paying for personal training that they shouldn’t be left to “rot” on the cardio machines. This gym carries an expensive monthly fee and I just feel bad for the people who aren’t being helped. Sometimes I try to help people, but then I’m not certified and don’t feel comfortable when there are quality trainers around. Is it fair to dismiss the people who aren’t doing personal training sessions but do pay to use the facility?Thank you,


Round Table

  • Whats on your holiday wish list fitness wise?


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