Episode 18: Fassination with Fitness

You can download Episode 18 here: TheFitCast018.mp3 (Right Click and Save-as)

  • FitCast NEWS
    • Still no laptop
    • Episode 3 might be no-show
    • Dan John
    • Michael Roussell
  • NEWS
    • Could you take us through the process of getting your CSCS certification?
    • Alwyn talked briefly about what method he would employ to work with a woman who had predominant lower body fat. What method would you use, and what type of nutrition would you recommend?
    • How does coaching teams alter your approach to strength and conditioning versus individuals…ie surfing the line of diminishing returns in using cookie cutter” strategies?
    • What is your biggest motivation for continuing to offer such educated, thoughtful advice for free? Will you continue being a fitness philanthropist if/when you become Lou Schuler-famous?
    • If most athletes spent more time ___________, and less time ___________, then there would be a lot fewer injuries.
    • Jonathan’s undergrad degrees are not fitness related. I think the story of how he decided to do the things that he’s doing now and the path that he took would be really interesting for people to hear, especially for those that are considering careers in fitness or those who are considering changing their careers.
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