Episode 7: Warning: May Contain Lou Schuler!!

Download Episode 7 here: TheFitCast007.mp3

  • Intro
    • Lou gives a little bit of history about himself.
    • Announce the winner of the FitCast T-Shirt Contest.
      • Theodore Gardner
    • iTunes (Votes, 15th)
    • Video FitCast
      • 5 Minute Clip once every 3 weeks or so
      • Covering stories like the new labels on McDonald’s food and see what has changed in the last 5 years in high school cafeterias.
    • Bill Hartman Interview is available on TheFitCast.com
    • Chad Waterbury Interview coming up for next week, Mike Robertson.

  • Shakes
    • Kevin- Lazy Supershake, ½ cup Blueberries, ½ cup Raspberries, 1 ½ ON Vanilla Cassin, 14oz water, 1 cup ice.
    • John is sipping a Breckenridge Brewery Oatmeal Stout
    • Lou is still trying to get Diet Coke and Whey Protein to work out….
  • NEWS
      • Using a Nike+iPod Sports Kit, expected to retail for about $29,
      • consumers will get information on time, distance, pace and calories burned through the earphones of an iPod Nano via a sensor in the insole of special shoes that communicate with ipod wirelessly
      • Shoes that utilize the Nike iPod Sport kit will cost $100 and will be available in 2 months.
      • You can then hook the ipod up to your computer and get data like distance and charts showing how fast you were running through out the run.
      • You can also set the iPod for a certain distance or length of time.
      • Lou’s Article: The Workout That Will Save Your Life (Future Article)

    • Roundtable
      • Future Projects
      • Listener Questions
        • Is there a book you really want to write that no publisher will take on?
        • I’ve currently been reading through NROL and have been tweaking form on some exercises while i adjust my sleep schedule to give me time to lift (i fit lifter profile #3). Do i need to worry that i feel almost nothing in my hammies/glutes, but am always sore in my quads? How do i tell if they’re overcompensating for weak hind legs, or catching up to stronger hind legs?
        • What was it like for someone without a degree in Exercise Science to study for and pass the CSCS exam? How would he recommend someone without an Exercise Science background to approach the material?

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