Episode 83: FitCast Pre-Game Show

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Kevin Larrabee, Tony Gentilcore (Blog),

Jen Heath, and Jimmy Smith (Blog)

FitCast News

  • The Ultimate Answer…Delayed one week
  • Special Episodes once per month
  • Off Topic Discussion is back, because we can, at the end of the show
  • Thanks for the feedback (Music)
  • iPhone picture (see my blog on Wednesday)
  • I am going to start blogging each Wednesday and Jimmy is getting back at it too!
  • MBSC Seminar w/Tony


  • Hi guys!I’m a fitcast listener…I love the show, and you guys do an awesome job. I had a training question for you both, to get your feedback.

    I’ve read about the benefits of doing supersets, but a lot of times in my gym, the weights, machines, and/or benches are either taken, or not conveniently located next to each other to do a superset. The program I’m following from an online trainer has me doing ALL supersets for my workouts, to help with my goal of fat loss. I’m not afraid to lift heavy, thanks to all your advice on your show, but my question is, is it ALWAYS recommended to do supersets whenever possible for fat loss, or are there times when lifting weights can be done without supersetting them, and still get the same results?

    Thanks again, and I can’t wait to listen to this week’s show!

    Carrie (29, Washington DC)

  • Hi, my name is Matt Tuck, and I just wanted to say
    that I love your show. I just found it about a week
    ago. I am going to use it as insentive to do my low
    intensity cardio sessions. The only time I am going to
    let myself listen to the show is while I am on the
    treadmill. I am a Exercise Science major in TN. I am
    wanting to one day be one the top trainers in the
    industry, and just wanted to let you know that your
    show is awesome and a great help to me.
  • Kevin,Here are some mailbag questions for you and Jimmy.

    (1) Is a deadlift knee or hip dominant? Also what about a natural GHR?
    Some resources state knee because the knee bends to perform the exercise, some state hip because of the muscles used.


Round Table

  • Tony, what have you been up too at CP, what has changed for you in terms of the way you train people, are you enjoying it. (I think we can branch of of this as well)
  • I see that Jen has her fat loss pros, Jimmy is bringing a product to market soon, I was wondering if you (Tony) had any plans to release a product of your own in the near future. (Gregg)

Off Topic

  • Super Bowl Predictions
  • Music/Movies/Games
  • iphone


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1 Response

  1. Chris D. says:

    Just listening to the end of this episode…this next weeks episode should be interesting with Kevin’s insistence that the Patriots were going to win! 🙂