Patreon/PayPal Supporters get The FitCast 7-Days Early


First things first, The FitCast is still FREE.

Now (starting with episode 311), Patreon and PayPal supporters of the show (over $50/year) will be getting episode of The FitCast 7-days early and completely ad/preroll free as a thank you for supporting the show. If you are donating through paypal, just email me: kevin (at) and I will hook you up.

Those that support the show financially are stepping up and saying that the creation of this content is worth supporting. I strive to deliver a high quality show every single week from the best minds in the fitness industry and make it magically appear in your favorite podcast app. If you aren’t already, I hope you take the time to go to The FitCast Patreon Page and support the show starting at just $1.

In the future there may be added perks to supporters of the show, nothing is for sure just yet.

Thanks again to all that support the show via the Patreon Page or by Making a Donation Through PayPal!


(I hope I wasn’t the only person that watched this show)

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