What Up Kev?: Episode 5

Kevin talks about ZMA, Casein, The Anabolic Diet, Creatine, and much more!

Here is Episode 5 of the What Up Kev?  podcast. You can download it directly here:

WhatUpKev005.mp3 (Right Click and Save-As to download)

or grab it through the iTunes feed for The FitCast.


  • Hey Kevin,
    I was wondering what your opinion on the Anabolic Diet, or as some call it the Anabolic Solution? Would you ever try it or have you? Also, while I’m on the subject, have you read Gary Taubes book Good Calories, Bad Calories? If, so what did you think? Thanks for answering my question.
  • Hey Kev,
    Really quick question for you. Is okay to take Casein and ZMAs before bed. I know that milk blocks the absorption of zinc so, I try to take the ZMAs 30 minutes before my Casein shake. Is this good?

    Thanks for your time,


    Tempe, AZ
  • What up Kev! OK, so this might be a weird question, but who do you look up to outside of the fitness world? Just curious, thanks love the show -Sarah
  • 1. Do you supplement with creatine on non-lifting days?2. Are there any new supplements you are trying out? New green tea flavor you reccomend, etc? -Shane
  • Hey Kevin, similar to the question asked of Steve Cotter about kettlebells, which 3 movements would you choose as THE Big Three for TRX training? Also, I just got a TRX, and I’m wondering if there’s any little tips or tricks you’ve found to using it to really get the most out of it. Thanks.
  • What would be the best set up for a home gym with little cost and little space. Cage , bench , plates and bar…. Anything else ?

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