Episode 14: Alwyn Cosgrove’s Rules

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      Questions for Alwyn Cosgrove:

      1. John: Umass asks: I’d like to hear the qualities and qualifications he looks for in potetial trainers for his traning facility.
      2. Kevin: Mahler: The workouts in New Rules of Lifting are amazing and I have seen some great results, in fat loss and strength. I would be interesed in learning the thought process behind putting together workouts that have such impact.
      3. J: Kuri: I too have really enjoyed the NROL programs and would like to ask what recent research has piqued your interest.
      4. K: Milkman21: Squats seem to be a scapegoat for trainees with knee problems, but what do you think is really the most common weight training exercise that leads to the knee trouble?
      5. J: Keith S.: what exactly is included in the Professional Fitness Coach Program Design Manual? can you give us a better description of the product?
      6. K: BFG: What’s your take of fasted cardio?
      7. J: Lost Dog: Is it harder for people who’ve lost a lot of fat to lose those last few lbs. than people who have lost less fat? And do you have any special techniques specifically for the formerly fat?
      8. K: Cassandra Forsythe: For the woman that holds most of her body fat on her glutes and thighs (because some women hold it in their stomachs…), what would you do with her training to help her reduce this fat and keep it off? Specifically, discuss resistance training and cardio guidelines.
      9. J: Do you have any future projects/articles we should keep a look out for?
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