Episode 2 Ready For Download

The FitCast Episode 2: Ready for Download

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Dr. John K. Williams- Author of Gourmet Nutrition Book
Keith Suthammanont- Check out his site: Redefinitions.net

News in regards to the FitCast

– NEWS/Articles

Alwyn Cosgrove’s Minimal Time, Maximum Workout

  • Workouts for people who can’t get to the gym and need to use their home gym set-up or have very little time.
  • 4 Workouts, Chest, Back, Legs, Total Body Complexes (Which is more of a metabolic workout than a direct muscle building workout)
  • Also uses TBC as a “Finisher” ass-kicker. Kind of like HIIT?
  • Basically just replacement workouts,
  • www.alwyncosgrove.com

The Athlete Diet By: John Berardi

  • The average athlete has, “striking similarities between the typical North American Diet and the typical athlete diet.
  • 7 Steps to improving the athlete’s diet.
  • Goes into pre/post workout nutrtion
  • Schedualing
  • Definatly worth a read for the high school or college athlete.
  • 13 pages worth of great information.
  • John Berardi’s Web Site www.Johnberardi.com
  • Nurtient Timing Book

Bill Strikes at Low-Nutrition Foods in School (NY Times)

  • Amendment to the National School Lunch Act.
  • Not just in cafeterias but also school stores, snack bars and vending machines.
  • Survey by the Agriculture Department and CDC found that of 17 schools that began offering healthful options, 12 actually increased revenue, while only one lost marginally; the four other reported no change.
  • Fear of the soda, snack food industry
  • The Dilemma of poor nutrition in public schools, and its effect on the young population, obesity.
  • John’s Attacked By Kicks High on Cottan Candy!!!

Does Eating Salmon Lower the Murder Rate?

  • Violence and Omega 3 Fatty Acids, are they connected?
  • Overall nutrition for mental health
  • Multiple Studies

– The Round Table Discussion (Bodyweight Workouts)

1 on 1 with Craig Ballantyne

Could you tell us a little about yourself?
– Where did you go to school?
– What did you study/major in?

1. What were your motivations to become a personal trainer?

2. How to put together a long term training plan (year-long maybe) using TT workout programs, assuming an average person who is not very over-weight and wants to be strong and lean? Books I have read all structure their programs using some sort of periodization, but I have not seen a lot of mentioning of it in TT manuals.

3. Regarding bodyweight training, it seems like in order to achieve a high level of “turbulence”, one has to use higher reps. Does this contradict the principles in the TT for fat loss program, that one should use moderately heavy weight and with 6-8 reps? In the long run, how should bodyweight training mix with free weight training.

Links to Craig’s Sites

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