The FitCast Episode 3 is Up!!

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Coming up on Episode 3 of the FitCast

  • NEWS/Articles of the week
  • Roundtable on Supplements (whey, creatine, what ever you use for supplements.
  • Part II of the interview with Craig Ballantyne

Things to quickly go over

  • The FitCast on iTunes, Odeo, Podcast Alley
  • Tunes, FitCast
  • Trying to keep the show under an hour
  • Tell your neighbors tell your friends, while you are at the gym, in the office, SPREAD THE WORD OF THE FITCAST!!!
  • Possibility of no FitCast next week

Protein Shake of the week


Salads or Not, Cheap Burgers Revive McDonald’s (NY TIMES)

  • $1 menu has created a resurgence for McDonanlds
  • Currently 36 months of consecutive months with sales growth
  • Revenue up 33%
  • 4 Years ago McDonalds was going no where
  • Then got attention with healthier menu options, but it is the cheap unhealthy foods like Double Cheese Burgers and McChickens
  • 50 salads to 400 Double Cheese Burgers
  • “Restaurant advertising looks very fun and social,” Ms. Schneider said. “But fast-food ads don’t show you what happens when you’re in your 40’s and your cholesterol’s high and your heart has to work really hard to pump.”
  • When was the last time you ate at McDonalds? What did you get?
  • Do people have their eye’s and ears closed?
  • Supersize Me, Fast Food Nation
  • Dollar Menu, can’t they make a $1 serving of salad?

Fitness thrust worries schools

  • Article coming from Tennesee, one of the most obese states
  • Proposal is 90 minutes of required physical activity each week.
  • One of the concerns with the program is that it would make it hard in concerns with the current curriculum and meeting all requirements and mandates.
  • Can we find a balance of academics and physical fitness?
  • Again this all starts at home, the habits they are learning from your parents.
  • Quote: “If we don’t attack childhood obesity, we will pay the price in premature deaths, extraordinary health care costs and frightening tax increases,” said Sen. Roy Herron, D-Dresden. chairman of the Select Committee on Children and Youth and a sponsor of the legislation.

Two Small stories I wanted to quickly go over…

50 Cent to Promote Nutrition Torwards Children

  • Rapper 50 Cent has joined forces with the fitness expert Jorge Cruise to help improve children’s eating habits in the US.
  • The pair are offering a $100,000 scholarship for students who submit healthy recipes to their Free Lunch Money website during the month of May.
  • 50 strives to be a good nutritional role model for his son and makes sure the house is stocked with healthy food choices.
  • It is really nice to see a major celebrity promoting healthy living instead of biting into a Big Mac right after a basketball game, in a commercial of course.

Fitness on Fast Track with Gilbert Arenas, Washington Wizards Star

  • Two Parts of video where Gilbert goes over his workouts in a little bit of detail
  • It was just something interesting that I found online that you should check out if you are interested in an NBA players in season workout and habits.

Round Table: Supplements

  • We will be talking about popular supplements
  • What supplements we use commonly
  • What supplements are B.S.
  • Where do you go to buy your supplements?

1 on 1 Interview with Craig Ballantyne: Part II

I just want to say thank you again to Craig for doing the 1 on 1. He is truely a great guy and one of the best fitness experts in the world.
Links To Craig’s Sites:

Links We Mentioned:

Hope you enjoyed the show!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kevin, great show. Love the format, love the thoughfulness that goes into each episode. I appreciate Dr. John’s nutrition expertise, and I also appreciate the perspectives that you and Keith bring as students whose primary responsibility is something other than fitness. Its nice to hear how other people are trying to stay in shape.