Episode 24: Rachel Cosgrove

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Rachel Cosgrove was this weeks guest. For more info on Rachel go to RachelCosgrove.com

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  • Q&A
    • Dan: I would love to know what Rachel is doing for her own training / nutrition right now and what she does to keep her husband in check!
    • Darren: Why is it so difficult to persuade women that lifting heavy won’t make them huge? Any tips for persuading them?
    • Summer: Do you think cortisol has as large of a role in weight gain for women as it does for men in light of some info floating around the internet that cortisol is what causes apple shaped bodies. And that men more than women tend to have that body type?
    • Erin: In regards to figure competitions, what has been your experiences in prepping new and experienced competitors,
    • What’s her take on judging guidelines
    • How do you judge if you’re ready for a show
    • Tracey: I am just getting started in the fitness industry and hope to be certified in the coming months. I realize this is just the beginning of my studies. Considering the amount of information that is out there, how do you distinguish between the good and the bad?
    • With my female friends, I find one of the biggest obstacles is getting them to commit to a program. I am always asked about my own training and nutrition, only to hear how they don’t want to train with heavier weights or they don’t want to give up their favorite foods. Any tips for getting them motivated to change?
    • Wayne: my wife always complains that, with two young kids, she either does not have time or no energy for workout at the end of the day. Any suggestions?
    • Galya: Do you think females pay too much attention to diet as opposed to working out hard?
    • What are five exercises that you think each female should have included in her program all year round?

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