Episode 23: Inside-Out

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Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson joined Kevin this week to discuss a bunch of listener questions, and we also had some fun along the way.

  • Q&A
    • Can you tell us about Inside-Out and to whom this DVD would be suited for?
    • Lisa: Mike, How did you end up with the nickname “The Ass Master?”
    • Lisa: Bill, Are you still using your stand-up desk? Now that you’ve had it for a while, do you like the one you chose, or would you pick different features now that you’ve tried it out? Do you use it exclusively or do you use a regular desk as well?
    • Steve: What are your thoughts on how ankle and shoulder flexibility/mobility can affect people’s ability to squat. We hear a lot about hips and lumbar position, but rarely hear anything about how mobility in other areas can make an impact.
    • John: How important is ankle mobility in improving vertical leap and what effect does it have?
    • Jeff: Would it be possible to provide a typical progression for getting to a comfortable front squat (or any squat for that matter). Are there specific exercises that should be mastered first? My upper body is comfortable including the wrists, but I can’t get much lower than parallel.
    • Red: If you could stop people in the gym from doing one thing, what would it be? What one thing would you have them start?
    • George: What changes can the average office worker make to his working environment to improve his posture, and reduce negative impact to mobility?
    • Jason: I’ve heard different theories about when to do mobility/prehab work, particularly for the rotator cuff. Some say do it before you train when the muscles are fresh and to loosen up the area, others say do it afterward so you don’t tire out those small stabilizers before moving heavy weight. Is there a preferred timing of prehab work?
  • Red: How is your worktime split up between individual training / business administrative stuff / study / seminars and other events?

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