Episode 125: Caution While Crunching

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass,

and Leigh Peele


FitCast NEWS

  • Question of the week: Give us your best gym story, good or bad.
  • Kevin’s Turbo Rippification Project Update (blog on Tuesday)
    • Dreams
    • Article
  • FLZINE.com
  • I got my Probiotics
  • Online Personal Training Update (Contact me here)
  • Jillian Michaels Video:

Voice Mailbag

  • Creatine question (what if I feel no difference?
  • Psychosomatic side of training
  • Venuto
  • Warmups


  • I’m new to the fitcast and I think it provides terrific insight for fitness enthusiasts of all experience levels. Thank you very much.My question is:
    Do you believe BCAAs should be a staple supplement like protein, multi-vitamins, fish oils and creatine? Research suggests BCAAs stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis and many bodybuilding experts claim frequent consumption is vital for maximum muscle growth. What are your thoughts? Thanks again. -Andrew
  • hey guys –I’m a 26 year old female from NJ

    My question might cause a lot of debate or none at all. I do an annual fast in Spring. I have done it for the last three years. After the last one I started a very intense strength training regimen for ice hockey. I have seen strength gains and development that I am very proud of. I usually do a lemonade fast for 10-12 days drinking just Master Cleanse Lemonade, water and tea. It is very rejuvenating and it means a lot to me. I want to do it again this year after my current program is complete. I was wondering if you guys have any input on anti-catabolics I could supplement while I fast so that I might be able to preserve as much muscle tissue as possible. I know it seems crazy to fast; I am a huge eater for the other 355 days of the year, I just like to give my body a total break. Thanks! -Deb

  • Kevin — I am a new listener of the FitCast and I am growing fonder of your show as I listen in on my long commutes to Baltimore from St. Louis every week. I am an ACE Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor who has extensive background in gymnastics, dance, fitness, and nutrition, and like you I am constantly wanting to learn more about fitness and health everyday. I am also thinking about getting certified as a CSCS, but I am not sure where to start. I am a busy mom, fitness professional, and a flight attendant. Is there any way for me to get some of my education online rather than in a classroom? And I know you did an internship and there is a possibility that I could do that as well. What say you?
    I’m in the military and have been contemplating getting a personal training certification. Both for my own personal development and the fact that this a fairly flexible part time job. However when I started to research the various certification I was astonished at the number of institutions and the dozens of different certs out there. Can you guys please give me a good place to start. On a side note I’m an avid fan of your podcast and I recommend as often as I can. Thank you for your time.
    Rebecca Cheney
  • what are your thoughts on short term liquid diets like the velocity diet. I have always thought that real food was better for you then shakes. I am really focused on leaning up right now and have been incorporating HIIT training with my normal steady state cardio and then 3 day split for weights. thanks for you time -Daniel
  • Hey guys and gals.
    First off thanks for this treasure trove of information. I’m forever hooked on the drug called FitCast. I’m a 18-year old rugby player trying to gain size and strength, I weigh 170 pounds, and stand 5 ft 9 in. I’ve been following Dos Remedios Power Training program for 3 months now and it has given me nice results. Mind you, this was my first ever training program so I guess results are guaranteed. My question goes as follows: What nutritional advice would you give an athlete my age if he is interested in bulking up and increasing his strength?
    Thanks again and keep the podcasts coming. -Nils

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2 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    I definitely have had dreams about “cheating” when on a really clean/restrictive diet. It doesn’t necesarily have to be a calorie deficit but I remember dreaming about going to a party and eating a bunch of stuff that wasn’t on my plan, and then waking up really mad at myself for cheating!

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