Episode 111: Fitness, Nutrition, and Mary Steenburgen

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Tony Gentilcore, and Leigh Peele (Twitter)


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  • What are your opinions on consuming sprouts? Is it best to eat every two to three hours or is the eat when you are hungry intuitive eating claims have just as much legs?
    Listening on as always, -Jamie
  • I have heard that you should have protein with every meal? Is that a myth? For example, If i have an apple as a snack, should I have a hardboiled egg with it?-Rudy
  • Question #1 I have found that paying attention to recovery and de-load weeks are very beneficial to me because I tend to push myself too much in training. As far as diet goes during a de-load week, how much should a persons calorie intake drop? I know this is kinda individual, but should I drop back close to maintinence levels during a de-load phase? I find that I have to eat around 3600-3700 cals a day to slowing gain weight. I will also not be using a pwo shake…just a meal afterwards during a deload week. In other words, do you vary your diet with your training or keep your intake relatively high to aid in recovery? -Paul
  • Hey guys.  I just started listening to the Fitcast and I really like it.  This question is coming to you from Prague.   My knees are always cracking.  Whenever  I bend my knees whether it be during squats or just when I bend them throughout the day they pop loudly (like when I tie my shoes for example).  They have been like this for years now and although they never give me any pain I am afraid that it is a sign of pain to come in the future.  Is this an accurate assumption to make?  Also, if it is is there anything I can do to stop the cracking and improve the health of my knees?  I am 25 and played soccer all the way through high school and I was a goalie.  I banged up my knees pretty badly and I hypothesize that the cause of the cracking is from that.  To my knowledge there is no history of knee problems in my family.So basically my question is, is this something I should be concerned about even though I don’t experience any pain and if it is what can I do to help it?  I am tired of sounding like an 80 year old man at the gym.  Thanks


  • Hey Guys, great show. I have listened to almost all of the previous episodes and have heard Trader Joes mentioned many times. I am jealous everytime I hear it because I live in Central Florida and I dont think we will be getting one anytime soon… So my question is what kind of alternative store is best in the absence of Trader Joes? Sometimes its hard to shop at the local supermarket packed full of delicius “yet fattening” foods. I havent been able to find any ‘”Greens” products available in my area and I was just wondering if y’all had any tips for me regarding this. Thanks and keep up the great work! -Hunter


  • Whatcha been listening to? (Gym Music)

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7 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Would it be possible to post the names of the bands that were listed in the show? I did not see them in the show notes.



  2. Adam says:


    I forgot, will the mid week shows becoming to the Zune market place also? (the correct answer is YES by the way)


    I will still be downloading the shows either way, it just makes it easier to download straight to my Zune.

  3. Leigh,

    Gotta say, Pearl Jam is probably the greatest band of the 90’s, and top 10 ever. Don’t worry Kevin has the worst taste in music and movies of all time and has no appreciation for great rock.

  4. Kim says:

    Love the Kleen Kanteen suggestion on the show! I decided to get a 40oz one about a month ago and it comes with me EVERYWHERE (The Stainless Steel one is what I use–I read that the paint chips easily on the colored versions). It holds iced tea and water with ZERO aftertaste. The outside of the bottle does “sweat” a lot, I guessing because it stays so cold relative to the outside air. It’s definitely a good buy. Also, you could totally scoop some protein into the 40oz–the mouth is wide enough. Not sure about the smaller versions.

  5. Congrats on your CSCS, Kevin – I feel you there with the $10 parking ticket – lol –

  6. Missy says:

    It just made my day to know that you shop at Big Lots. I love that place!!!

    As usual, your awesomeness rocks.


  7. Roamer says:

    I cannot find the Dan John squatting video on Youtube.