Episode 115: Allegedly

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass, and Leigh Peele (Twitter)


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  • Hey, Kevin. I love the show! I’ve been listening for a few months now, and I wouldn’t miss an episode of the Fitcast!
    I have a question about training frequency. I am a 25-year old female, and have been lifting for about 5 years now, since I was in college. In that time, I have mostly utilized various splits, as opposed to full-body workouts. Currently I’m using a 4-day split. My question is, should I only lift 4 days a week? I typically lift 5-6 days a week, but from listening to the Fitcast, it seems that that may be too much. I am not a body builder by any means, but I enjoy lifting and keep track of the weights that I do so I can continue to improve on them. I worry that decreasing the frequency of my lifting will give me negative results. My goals have always been just to gain muscle while trying to keep my fat down. I also run, usually for 30-40 minutes 4-5 days a week, then a 60-minute or so run once a week, because I find that running gives me the best cardio workout and keeps my fat in check more than any other forms of cardio exercise.
    Do you have any suggestions on whether I should decrease the frequency of days that I lift? Will this help me to make bigger gains on the days that I do lift? Also, any suggestions on what I should do in the gym on the days that I am not lifting? I find that I feel 100% better, both mentally and physically, on days that I workout, so I’d like to fill in those days with something else if possible.
    Thanks so much for any advice you can give me. Keep up the great work!! -Jennine
  • Thanks to the fitcast forum of answering my question about blood pressure concerns with working out. This question may get long. 12 years ago I broke  my foot, dislocated it, tore muscles; well f’d it up. I never had any kind of physical therapy due to loss of insurance. I was laid up for 5 months due to having surgery.  I have a rod in my foot now. My right leg is noticeably smaller today. I went to a gym where all of the trainers are CSCS certified and when they discovered the imbalances between the legs I was discouraged. The trainer was NO dude done be down on yourself; let’s fix this!!. He had me doing steps with dumbbells and I definitely noticed the difference. What are some ways I can get the right leg balanced out with the left leg. Today my lower back is hurting a bit from the step ups it is not a bad hurt but I can feel it. When I was working my right leg I almost fell off the bench. I was shocked of how different each leg is.  What are different things to fix this issue?- Rick
  • Hey Guys/Gals,
    First off, great podcast, it is near impossible to find a good fitness/nutrition podcast so keep up the good work. Now for my question. I just turned 26 and I really have been doing nothing for exercise or nutrition since college but I have made a commitment (as a birthday resolution to myself) to get in better shape and be healthy. I am 6’3’’, weigh 255 pounds, with a body fat% somewhere between 32-40% (depending on method used). My primary goal right now is to lose fat, however I would like to retain as much muscle as possible during this process and hopefully gain muscle mass along the way. I just started using a stationary bike 30 mins in the morning and using dumbbells out night for weight training. How many calories should I be eating (I’ve been shooting for 2000)? What kind of exercises should I be doing and is it even possible to get a legit workout using only dumbbells? I am really lost when it comes to designing a weight training routine. Any help would be appreciated.-Dan


  • Personal Trainer infomercials, internet advertisements, and the economy

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3 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    OMG!!! Kevin high fiving himself, probably the funniest thing I’ve heard all year. Also Leigh is such a potty mouth, I love it.

  2. OK, so I might be opening a big can of worms here, but I noticed that ya’ll seem to dig energy drinks. I’m blanking on the name of the one that Kevin mentions – it’s I would love to hear a trainer roundtable about the pros and cons. I used to drink RockStar’s like they were going out of style, and still personally use a vitamin-B/Taurine megadose almost every afternoon, but there’s a huge range of recipes on the market in terms of powders, cans, “shots”, etc. What’s healthy? What’s not?

    Great podcast. Keep it up!


  3. claire says:

    a question for Tom Venuto
    I am thinking of seeing a hypnotist in the new year to overcome my issues with obsessing over diets and exercise. Do you think it works, ie do you need a subconscious prompter to reprogramme your mind, or will your new book deal with the emotinonal issues of over eating, obsessing about every new diet that comes along and then falling off the wagon face first into a packet of biscuits?