Episode 121: The Early Morning Edition

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass, and Jen Heath


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  • Hey guys, great podcast. I have a question regarding protein and nutrition bars. I have a problem just eating one. Not all at the same time, but if I buy bulk to save some money I end up eating them throughout the day instead of real food and exceeding my caloric needs.Any good suggestions other than, don’t buy bulk, to help increase my will power? Or maybe I should just avoid them altogether. -Ben
  • Topic: Supra Maximal Weight/Holds (using weight over 100% of your 1RM)It is always great to hear the Fitcast’s views on different fitness ideals. I have been using a Waterbury program, his Total Strength Program, where he uses supra maximal holds as a means to increase strength. I have found this interesting and wanted to know all of your thoughts on this type of training tool and how/if you would use this method?

    Thanks for all of the GREAT info! -Adam

  • First off Id like to say I have become a huge fan of fitcast. I have a 45 minute drive to work daily and fitcast has made the ride a little more enjoyable.
    One episode I haven’t seen, (and Im sorry if this topic has been covered before) is the ever growing number of weight loss supplements and so called “fat burners”. What is the truth behind these supplements such as green tea, CLA, and even some of the bigger names such as hydroxycut and lipo 6. Are any of them really worth what they are cracked up to be and what are the dangers of them. There are so many on the market today it would make anyones head spin.
    Keep up the great podcast!
  • When starting to train clients, I would like to know if you guys suggest focusing on corrective exercise or not? If you are studying the concept of corrective exercise, but don’t know a whole lot about it, should you just walk them through a program that kicks their ass and not worry as much about a formal initial assessment while tweaking their programming as you notice structural problems? -Lance
  • Hey Kevin, huge fan of the show. Every now and then I get this feeling where I feel bad for taking so many supplements, and I feel like I should try to be natural (not to mention, save money). But then I hear about a new supplement or a new study and end up adding a new supplement to my list. So far this year different supplements I have taken at one point or another are fish oil, probiotics, magnesium citrate, glutamine, glycine, greens supplements, reservatrol, protein powder, creatine, and a multivitamin if that counts. My question is basically, if i was going to cut down to only two or three supplements, both for my conscious and for my wallet, what would be the most important for someone who is trying to stay lean, and not necessarily add tons of muscle. Also, while on the subject, what are the pros and cons of each of these supplements, and any other common ones? Thanks alot, look forward to your response -Steve
  • What’s up guys,
    Hey I’m trying to promote fitness and active lifestyle to my family members.  Most of them are heathy eaters but negate the training aspect. My one sister is overweight and on Weight-Watchers yet she is not doing anything active because she keeps having this “ankle” problem.  I’m not sure if its a sprain or what but I’m convinced that its a result of her body not being able to handle her weight. My question is, what kind of exercises or activities should I tell her that she can do to get in a training effect but without letting her use her hurt ankle as a cop out?  Its been hurt for months and I think her doctor told her to rest it but I personally don’t think it will ever get better if she doesn’t get some weight off of it.
    My other sister just had twins and was sedentary for most of the pregnancy on doctors order. She is now experiencing some knee problems and one of them is severely inflamed. She asked me if there is anything training wise that might be the cause of this.  I’m thinking she probably has some anterior tilting and lack of glute function, etc…Is this something I should try to work around via glute bridges, mobility drills, and bodyweight type training  or should I tell her to see a physical therapist? I’m just not sure if this is normal after having babies due to muscle imbalances.
    Thanks for the advice, sorry for the long question
    Eddy R, NY
  • Hi Fitcast team. First off, great work on the podcast, i’ve listened to many fitness podcasts and yours is the absolute best, it’s informative, funny, laid back and most of all entertaining, keep it up!Okay, so i have a quick question. I started lifting about 3 months ago and i have made solid progress, i have managed to put on about 25 lb in that time, with quite alot of that being muscle mass, yet i am still using the machines instead of free weights. I would like to start using free weights but they are always so busy and being used all the time so i’m reluctant to move over, especially since i am getting great results already with the machines, could this be because i am new to lifting and the results will slow down eventually? I track my calories with fitday which i think has made me make good progressive gains, and i also keep a training log to make sure i am improving my lifts every week. Thanks for your time. Keep up the good work! Guy (Also a Dr Who fan, UK) -Guy

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  1. Mark says:

    Almost got the score of the superbowl right, if it weren’t for that 100 yd pic six. . . Oh and great show too