Episode 122: I Guess I Do Get Sick

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass, Cassandra Forsythe,

Tony Gentilcore and Leigh Peele


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  • Hey fitcast folks,

    I’m a guy, 34, 5’8″ 174lbs, Vegetarian (relatively healthy veg. Not so much “doritos’n’twinkies” veg, but no calorie counting-yet). And I travel- a lot. Mostly to remote field sites. I lead a very active lifestyle- with a few hours in the water swimming (slowly) every day. Over the last few years I’ve been gaining weight. Not in the muscle gain sort of way, but in the “was skinny- headed to flabby” sort of way.

    I’ve seen this train coming from a-ways off, so I started working with a trainer about two years ago for weight training and “functional athleticism”- I enjoy it, get something out of it, but It’s been rough going. I don’t make serious gains, and I’m not really sure I’m stopping my slide into flabbiness. I’m dedicated and work hard(3lift, 2 cardio a week), but my travel schedule (= time away from gym) and maybe diet, slow me down.

    So this is a multi-part question:

    Got any favorite workout tools while traveling?
    Addressing Diet while traveling?
    How to deal with vegetarianism (particularly protein issues).

    Any tips you’ve got would be appreciated, y’all do a fine job.



  • Protein question for you guys- (I would add a whole bunch of words regarding your awesomeness and total rad-ability but I’ve already sent those in another email and would just be taking up more room here so consider my praise as being cooler and better than the next person).

    How much protein can the body process at one time? Is there a benefit to spreading out protein throughout the day? If I have tuna with egg whites and then follow it by a protein shake for lunch and get 91 grams, can I use all of it or am I wasting?


  • Leigh, I am going to get straight to the point…i am stuck in eating disorder hell. I was really heavy (275lbs Female @ 5’8″) last year and have lost down to 151lbs. I am slimmer than i have ever been and have been working out consistanly for over a year w/cardio and weights and have been working with a trainer for the last 6 months. I know there is physical transformation by the decrease in bf# and such, but my eating disorder has me not seeing an accurate view of myself. I am not eating enough anything. basically living on protein bars/shakes, and almonds and coffee. I am stuck in a vicious cycle because i am terrified to get obese again. Can you help? Venece
  • Hi, this question is for the podcast team.

    I wanted to know you’re opinion on using sweeteners instead of sugar. They have less calories but I hear that they do a lot of damage to your body. Would you recommend using sweeteners or just avoid both sugars and sweeteners altogether?

    PS. Sorry if this is a noob question but I am a total noob when it comes to getting healthy. -Ketan

  • In the videos that you guys posted I saw some new exercises (at least new to me) that I have some questions about. There were about 10 different benching movements, which ones are best for strength? Also what benefits do you get from the lockouts? Finally, same in regards to the 2 and 3 board press that Kevin talked about a while back. -Brian

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