Episode 123: Huge in a Hurry


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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter) and Chad Waterbury


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  • Chad, could you start with a rundown of what Huge in a Hurry includes in terms of content?
  • Hey Chad, I am a big fan of your work on T-Nation and thank you for all the articles and programs that you have developed over the years. Anyways, I was wondering if your new book includes a nutrition section, and if it doesn’t what is your general philosophy on approaching diet with your clients? -Rob
  • How does your “Get Lean” program in HiaH compare to your other fatloss programs like 10×3 for fat loss and Get Lean without dieting? –Stephanie
  • In Huge in a Hurry you mention decline dumbbell presses as an alternative to dips. I train alone at home and although I can do dips, it is not my shoulders favorite exercise. Even at my age of 67 and a long time ectomorphic distance runner I could probably use  30-40 lb. dumbbells in the 4-6 rep rage. However, I have never figured out how to get back up after the set is complete. The whole house would shake if I dropped them on the floor and I don’t see how I could do an incline sit-up with 70-80 lbs. even if they were sitting on my lower abs. The only thing I have thought of is possibly suspending them on chains or ropes from the top of my power rack but getting the height right, in the right position, and keeping them from sliding around seems like a hassle. Do you have any suggestions or should I just do something else? Thanks.  –Bob
  • For High Frequency Arms Training would it be okay to do the arms training in the morning and the total body training during the PM workout? I have more time at night to train and not a lot of time in the morning. –Matt
  • Hi Chad, I just bought (and finished in record time) your book, Huge in a Hurry. I have been using the Get Ready program and am liking the efficiency and effectiveness of the workouts. I have two questions; one  – what type of diet do you recommend for females? Is it the same recommendation that you have for men in the book? I am at 13% bf so I don’t know that I need to loose a whole lot more, I do however, want to continue to develop and grow. Number two, how can you modify some of the cable machine exercises (mostly the ones that incorporate the back)?  My husband and I are building a gym at our house and won’t have a cable machine for a while. We will have the basics squat rack, dumbells, and a flat bench, ab wheel and an Olympic bar. -Christina
  • I had question on how a high school wrestling coach should structure his athletes’ weight training program during the season. How many days week would you train and want intensity level would you use. Are there any exercises to steer clear from during the season? Currently I am doing full body splits two days a week and one day of foam rolling and corrective exercise with my team.  Any input would be great thanks. -John G
  • Chad, Lyle McDonald has recommended getting down to about 10-12% body fat before going on a bulk/mass phase.  What are your views on this? Regards, Kurt
  • Chad what are the most common muscular weaknesses you have identified with your clients, do you have a pre-set posture/muscular assessment that you use before starting with your clients? –Craig
  • Hey Kevin, I am now trying to get leaner for the upcoming spring and needed some advice. I thought that Chad Waterbury would be the guy to ask. I can get relatively lean, but a problem occurs with my muscles. I usually go with the full body method much like in your book Huge in a Hurry, but seem to lose muscle in my shoulders and traps the most. My abs, chest, and back seem to look fine but I look bad in my shoulder and trap area. Just so you know I am 23, 6’1 205 lbs with 12% bf. My diet is very similar to the warspeed fat loss diet. Thanks for any help or advice. -Matt

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2 Responses

  1. Great show. I definitely look forward to picking up this book. I have enjoyed Chad’s articles on T-Nation a lot as well.

  2. Kujo says:

    Great ep. I always enjoy Chad’s interviews. I bought the book just after Christmas, but I’ve only read a few pages. Look forward to diving deep into the book once I’m done with my fat loss goals.