Episode 144: Pre Workout Sex

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass,

Tony Gentilcore and Leigh Peele


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  • Hello Kevin and everyone else,
    I was wondering if you could talk about the physiological differences between former fat people and people who have never been overweight and how that effects training and diet. For example, take two people who train regularly and are about the same size. The former fat person will have more fat cells then the “regular” person, even if they are empty, which could be affecting certain hormone levels. I’m sure there are other differences as well and if so, how should the training and dieting plans be changed for former fat people. Also, there are former fat people who were only 30 lbs overweight and those who were 130 lbs overweight so could you discuss if the degree of former fatness matters.
  • I dont know if i heard it on one of your shows but, Dips for tri development, the ones where you use two benchs put plate on your upper thieghs and dip between two benchs, good or bad and if bad why. -Myron
  • Guys
    Reading an article on the net, it stated that having sex frequently will increase your testosterone levels naturally. It sounds like a lot of fun, but if you have sex, does testosterone increase in a way that may help you develope more muscle mass? I know the question is very broad, but it is an interesting topic. Have sex, rest, work out. Have sex, rest, workout. Better than steroids, right? Hope you can talk about the subject. Wish you the best from Mexico.
  • As a very strict vegetarian I struggle to get adequate protein. This hasn’t been a huge issue in the past, but now that I’m strength training 3-4 times a week, it is more of an issue. I’m so confused though.

    While the specific recommendations for intake vary (depending on who and what you read), it is the recommendations per body weight that is confusing me. Some things I have read have said (for example) 0.75g protein per kg, meanwhile other things say 0.75g protein per lb.

    Using the 0.75g and my weight (64kg/ 141lb)
    @ 64kg = 48g protein
    @ 141lb = 105g protein

    There is a huge difference between these two recommendations when you place them side by side!

    Could you clarify this please?


  • What shoud i do for tight deep hip muscles?
    It has become obvious I need help with this.  Any ideas you have would be very much appreciated.  Any help appreciated.
    I am very grateful for your help.
    yours truly, Lacey
  • I walk on off days to help with training recovery. I use a X-vest to increase the load and therefore increase my heart rate. I have read that you should not load body weight movements beyond 10-15% of your body weight to avoid stress on the joints. For example, if you weight 165lbs, the max weight would be 16-25 lbs in a weight  vest. Any truth to this?
  • (Leigh to Kevin) Any chance of a “Where are they now?” episode in which you guys interview and give an update on past co-hosts? -Alison

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4 Responses

  1. Geoff says:

    G’day all,

    I posted a question in the Contact Us a couple weeks ago about sex and working out that was a lot closer to what Dr Fass raised with the long-standing fighters’ lore and posed it from both genders’ perspective as I’m truly interested in the differences because we gain and expend very different things through the act of sex. I think this is a really topical question as it applies to almost 100% of your audience and is present in mainstream media so was disappointed that you brushed over it so quickly.

    Oh and our largest national newspaper published a feature article on Tracy Anderson this past weekend!! Unfortunately she didn’t go into detail on how she re-engineers the human genome through dance but there were a few gems (including turning up to the interview with a fresh spray tan and eyelash extensions).

    Thanks for another great show

  2. RedOne says:

    Did I miss the part where you guys answered the last submitted question?

  3. Jason says:

    Sex before a fight:
    Chris Byrd is tested on Sports Science “Ep. 7 Myths” – and his testosterone levels went up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDFelcPAe2s

  4. Geoff says:

    Thanks for the link Jason, the ‘test’ was rubbish but interesting. Sport Science looks like a cool show bummer there’s no torrents floating around (no FSN in Oz)