Episode 145: The Return of the Fails with Mike Robertson

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass,

and Mike Robertson


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  • Mike,
    What is the most frustrating thing you’ve come across and/or dealt with in the fitness industry, either as a trainer, facility owner, or athlete?

    Jimi Varner

  • Hi Kevin,I was listening to some older episodes of TheFitCast and heard that
    you made some shakes with diet soda. How do you mix these? Eg, a
    blender, shaker bottle, or just stir with a spoon? I typically use a
    shaker bottle but I’m afraid that it would foam up too much?

    Thanks!! -Erika

  • I have a question about my foot. I play rugby, and whenever I make a rapid change in direction (which is frequently) the top part of my foot begins to hurt. I googled the foot and the the area that hurts is the inferior extensor/tibalis anterior tendon. I’m not sure if it’s those parts that hurt, but it’s the general area. If it helps, it only hurts for a half a day or so, and only when I put pressure on my toes like when I walk. Appreciate any help, as I do enjoy being able to walk. -Blaine
  • “]Hey man, love the show and i wanted to send a question in to you guys but i kept getting error messages. Anyway i hope this will do, i’m about to ship out to Army Basic Training in about 2 weeks and wanted to know everyones take on the excessive amount of pushups and situps which make up the army’s fitness test and training. I know that situps are in fact a terrible exercise regarding lower back health and was hoping to get some insight on ways to perform the exercise with as little risk as possible. Thanks alot the Fitcast rules! -Donnine
  • I need some tough love advice.  My last girlfriend told me that I had commitment issues.  I knew she was right, I just never thought that it would be in regard to training.  I’ve been experiencing the same prodblem over and over again…
    I read an article or book on training, I get excited and I really buy into the system and the potential results it will produce.  I get all amped up to put the priciples and methods into action and then it happens.  I get to the workouts….I start to panic, I get nervous…”do I really want to spend the next 16 weeks using this program… well maybe I’ll just do Phase 1.”  Then I start to analyze wheter Phase one is going to be hard enough…”I don’t see any ab work, when do I get to do heavy rack lockouts for my Tri’s?”
    The next day I read another article that has different parameters and looks more fun so I’ll disregard the previous program but then it happens again “this program has too much volume, where is the prehab work, I thought I was supposed to be doing 10 sets of 3?”
    Meanwhile I just go down into my basement and do some pushups with my feet elevated and 30lbs of weigh thrown in a backpack that I’m wearing and I’m wondering “wouldn’t this be easier if I just went to a gym and had access to heavy weights?….Are these at- home workouts of single leg variations/push-ups, rows and chins effective  enough and worth saving time from going to the gym? …..or should I be drivning the 45min round trip to the annoying commercial gym that I’m locked into a contract with and doesn’t even have a power rack;  but at least I can be doing heavy BB box squats, deads, cleans, heavy pressing, etc.”
    I need you guys to give me some tough love and tell me to just deal with my Freudian issues, and jealousy over the ignorant guys taking NO-Explode doing curls in the power rack while I swallow another fish oil and wonder how I’m going to fit in my mobility, activation, soft tissue work, prehab exercises, let alone get my training in while adding fillers, timing my rest periods, and slugging down my peri-workout shake all in under 30min…..
    Is ignorance really bliss? or am I just focusing on this one girl and the long-term commitment when I really should just be having fun and dating around?   “wait, I thought I was talking about training.”
    Have fun with that one, you might want to have Jon read this one Kevin j/k.  Love the show keep up the good work.
    Eddy R, NY
  • hey kevin, love the show.
    you dont have to answer this question on the show, but i was wanting your opinion. i’ve been into working out and fitness for about 3 years. i am starting to think i should pursue a career in fitness, there are two ways i can do it, either through a private college which will make a me a personal trainer/strength and condition coach in one year. or i can do a 3 years applied science degree in exercise science. just wondering which one i should do, also if i did the personal training now i might regret not doing the degree when i was young (im 19).
    hope this made sense, harry (See episode 139, 138 on the state)
  • My question is for you and Jonathan and/or possibly for your guest Mike Robertson. It pertains to the neck. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had issues with forward head posture. I have worked to correct my pelvic tilt – bringing it pretty much back to neutral, and have also had quite a bit of success with fixing my kyphosis by working on T-spine mobility thanks to Mike Robertson & Bill Hartman’s Inside Out dvd. But my forward head posture has barely budged! My neck flexors don’t seem to be weak, but it feels like the neck extensors are very tight or short and I have very little flexion ROM at the cervical spine. Any tips you can offer?
    Thanks and keep up the great flow of info at the FitCast!
    – Bob Parr

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5 Responses

  1. Uday says:

    Hi guys,

    I enjoyed your show with Mike Robertson. I found a perfect term to describe folks who get their diagnoses from the internet: “cyberchondria.” Source: Jeff Ruby of Chicago Mag:

    Best regards,

  2. Deb says:

    As usual, loved this, and every episode of the Fitcast. I looked all over youtube looking for the smoothie video, but couldn’t find it. Can you post it. I need, yet another, good laugh!



  3. Suzanne says:

    What is the name of the assessment DVD? I see that he already has a series about building the efficient athlete or something like that. How will the new DVD set be different? thanks

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