Episode 138: The State of The Fitness Industry and BTTF II

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  • This one is for Leigh, what are your thoughts on prohormones like epistane? Are these safe to use? I am 25, 6’1″ and 195 pounds just looking to add some lean mass. Thanks and love the show! I listen to it every Monday while walking my dog. -Jeff G.
  • Hey guys,
    I was wondering how much creatine I should be….Awww, just kidding!

    Seriously, I have a question about deadlifting. I’ve been doing Rack Pulls for the past 18 months thanks to the Tony Gentilcore Fitcast Insider interview and it’s been a tremendous help to my strength and fitness. I’ve been pulling from just below the knees and recently reached my goal of 400+ lbs. On occasion I’ll pull from the floor and my max deadlift is around 350. I’m getting to lift 3x/wk and one of those sessions is devoted to deadlifting.
    If my goal is to get to 405 from the floor, should I continue to do BOTH rack pulls and conventional deadlifting?

    Thanks for the help!
    Kevin Fay

  • Hello Fitcast Crew!Just finished episode 135 (“I hope you like off-topic”) and I just about busted my gut laughing. Kevin, when you hung up on Jonathan, I just about died! That was great – thanks for making my day.

    My question is about grip strength. I’ve started deadlifting (just bought The New Rules of Lifting and loving it so far) but I’m finding my fingers peeling off the bar as I increase the weight. What can I do to improve my grip strength? -Rob

  • This question may be a little closer to “core” fitness than you’re used to. Be warned.Throughout my life I’ve had somewhat of a weak stomach. To date, if I have a meal that’s especially greasy and/or spicy, said meal seems to sneak out the “back way” sooner than other things I might eat. After a greasy hamburger, it’s not uncommon to re-witness the same foodstuff fleeing the body in a somewhat reconstituted state within, no joke, 20 minutes.

    My question is this. What happens to all the calories and nutrients I consumed in this scenario? Do I absorb “what I need” from these foods before sending them into the public infrastructure, or am I missing out?

    If I’m keeping track of my calories, and something I eat catches the early train as described above, how should I record these calories? If I consume something USEFUL, like fish oil, in the same meal, is is subsumed and spirited away in the same colonoscopic sting operation?

    Any backup information you could offer here would be much appreciated.


  • Hi guys, Love the show, you guys always give really great answers and keep it interesting for gym goers of all experience levels. I have a question regarding creatine.

    I do 3 full body workouts a week with an aim to increase mass and improve my bench, squat and dead lift. I am taking just under 10g of creatine monohydrate on each of my workout days, but none on the days where I don’t hit the weights? Is this detrimental to my gains and will taking it only on the days I got to the gyms render the affects ineffective?  Creatine can be expensive when bought continuously and am unsure how to proceed?  I have also heard that creatine can be harmful to your kidneys, is there any fact behind these statements?

    I also (like Kevin) love to bench!!!!! I have heard you guys saying recently on the show that you shouldn’t bench more than 3 times a week.  Could you please clarify why this is as on my current plan I bench in each of my sessions (3 times a week).

    I am 22 years old, around 5’10/11,abit overweight but quite fit and active for someone of my size.

    Keep up the good work

    Thanks for your help

  • First thing,  I’d just like to say that I recently discovered thefitcast and I LOVE listening to the show!  You guys are great and you make hours of data entry so much more fun!
    Anyway, my question is – what do you guys think of L-Carnitine as a supplement? Personally I have found that taking 1000mg of this really gives me a boost, especially when I’m in a deficit and feeling particularly low on energy. However, I am wary that this could just be a placebo effect. I’ve been lead to believe that the research on L-Carnitine doesn’t show that it has any great effects, but I was wondering if any of you have witnessed any benefit (or not) of L-Carnitine supplementation for yourself, or your clients? I don’t mean necessarily in terms of fat loss, or kcals burned during a workout, so much as feelings of energy / lethargy / tiredness / appetite etc.
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.
  • Hi Kevin,I am doing research on myofascial release. I have found information by Boyle, Cressey, Scott, etc. Do you have any other recommendations? Also, could you tell me more about making rollers out of PVC pipe. Thanks so much for your help. -Andrew
  • Greetings from one of your four MMA fans!
    A question for Jon, what exactly is neural tension? Some background: I went to a physiotherapist a few months ago with plantar fasciitis and low back pain. She tried several things that didn’t work with me before she figured out that I had neural tension and started me on neural flossing exercises (ankle plantar- and dorsiflexion during supine hamstring stretching). Since then I would say my pain has decreased by about 90%. It creeps up again if I am on my feet for extended periods of time or overdo my leg work. At the moment I am mostly doing unweighted single leg squat and deadlift variations and swimming, as I don’t want things to get worse again. I was also told that I am to avoid any type of back extension. Is neural tension a genetic thing or something that I may have exacerbated by having a desk job or not being extremely diligent with post workout stretching in the past? My physio didn’t explain much other than “some people are just tight” but neural tension is not a term I have heard tossed around at all and googling hasn’t turned up much info.
    Thanks very much for any insight! I look forward to your show every week – you guys are the best.
  • Hey guys, I feel a huge need to give tips to guys in the gym that were seriously trying to get themselves sidelined with a torn muscle from lifting.Should I, and if I should, what is the best way to give someone a warning (especially those that do a dead lift like they are doing a cats pose, yoga/ab move) in the gym?

    thanks, all the best

  • Hey FitCast,I found your podcast about 3 months ago and I’m addicted. I’ve been going back and listening to previous episodes to see if my questions have been answered and, I’m glad to say, that many of them have.

    However, something has come up and I need your advice. I’m a 26 year old professional dancer (5’10” – 162lbs – 8% bodyfat currently). I am participating in an intense summer program where I’m dancing about 8 hours a day–6 days a week, with minimal breaks. The program is ballet class in the morning, followed by lots of modern dance, especially improvisation–which is more exhausting than you might think. The dancing is insanely intense (and I don’t use that term lightly). The problem: I’m afraid to eat large portions of food during my breaks because I’ll get sick to my stomach while dancing, but I end up starving all day.

    Right now, I’m resorting to natural fruit juices, bananas, granola, yogurt, and protein bars. (I know Leigh advised dancers to integrate more protein in the dancer’s diet and I’m working it.) When my day is done I find myself craving lots of pasta and veggies…broccoli and carrots mostly. My caloric intake is probably 2500-3000/day, if I’m lucky.

    What foods can I eat to feed my body, that will give my lots of energy, and won’t sit in my stomach during the day? Any other things to think about would be greatly appreciated. You guys are the best,

    Michael (New York)

    PS – I know Kevin (or Jonathan) mentioned PVC pipe for rolling out muscles. Also try a rolling pin for the quads…looks silly but it works).

    PSS – Gandalf for President.

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4 Responses

  1. knuckles says:

    kevin OMG dude off-topic FAIL should have stuck to megan fox, tranformers and black holes. The long discussion on back to the future ..really necessary?.

  2. knuckles says:


  3. wheels says:


    Listening to the show as I type…Just heard the question about the PVC foam roller.

    Last week I stopped by the local Home Depot and they have a small display now in the PVC isle with pre-cut 2′ lengths of PVC. I bought the 4″ for 5 bucks and change.

    Now we don’t even have to “Go out back and have them cut it”!

    Now I just have to practice using it!


  4. Geoff says:

    Hey guys + gal,
    Re: your discussion about the state of the industry/certification. In Australia we have a national certification system which goes as such: Certificate III in Fitness = ability to work in a gym but not as a personal trainer (you can’t get private insurance) then a Certificate IV = eligible for private insurance and ability work/charge however you like.

    Any Registered Training Organisation (RTO) can offer these courses but they have to meet strict criteria and learning outcomes. They both involve a practical final exam and the in case of the Cert IV this involves putting dummy clients through 3 specific training needs sessions (e.g. advanced resistance, fat loss, injury rehab, group exercise) which are graded by a qualified assessor. They also require the student to engage a qualified mentor to grade minor assignments along the way.

    I was recently in the US and Canada promoting an online version of these courses and was met with a fair amount of resistance because the course takes between 6-12 months to complete and costs upward of AU$3000 when in the US they could just order a book, sit a written exam and become equally certified as far as insurance/work options are concerned. But, like you were discussing, there’s qualified, and then there’s qualified.

    Always love tuning in, definitely a staple of my week.