Episode 156: We Need Leigh Peele

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter) and Dr. Jonathan Fass

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  • Hey Kevin,
    I came across this “sneak peek” look at a new documentary coming out called “Inspired” I really don’t know anything about the project but it does have Tom Venuto in it- seems pretty interesting.


    Love the show by the way.

  • Hey guys,
    First off great show, I listen everyday on the metro as I commute to work and everyone there probably thinks i’m schizophrenic because I just laugh and smile to myself the whole time, I thoroughly enjoy and benefit from the great information great interviews. So thanks!
    My question:
    I am really unequal in how I use the right and left sides of my body. My right side- arm and leg are much stronger and more coordinated than my left. This inequality even exists in the muscles of my face! (ie i can’t wink with my left eye, or move the left side of my mouth or crinkle my nose to the left independently from the right, but can do all these things with the right side)
    I’m right handed and also tend to always carry things (like bags, groceries etc.) on my right. Im worried that with time this will mess up my posture even more than it already is (i’m a major sloucher).
    Is this completely weird or what? Is there anything that I can do to make myself more coordinated and stronger on the left? Are there any exercises that i can do to bring my body back into alignment?

    Thanks alot,
    Montreal, Quebec

  • I would love for you to get Joe DeFranco on as a guest. He is launching a new eBook this month that features his latest workout program titled Built like a Bad Ass. I recently switched from a 5×5 to Joe’s West Side for Skinny Bastards. My gains on WS4SB have been incredible. I would really enjoy hearing Joe talk about his latest program on your show.
    Love your PodCast. Keep up the good work – Kurt
  • Just discovered I have an umbilical hernia. It’s quite small and doesn’t even protrude out of my belly button. I can push it back in, but it keeps coming out when I stand. It’s too small now to go through the risk of surgery. Anyway my question is: have any of you trained anyone with a hernia like this? Are there any modifications you would make in training? My favorite lift are the deadlift and the pullup. I’m considering wearing a thick belt when deadlifting to prevent the hernia getting bigger. Any thoughts? Thanks for the great show guys!

    Jin from the UK

  • Hey Kevin,

    First off, I really enjoy the FitCast, keep up the great work. I remember reading a while back that you did a 5 day split of 2 upperbody days, 2 lowerbody days followed by a full body day. How did you like that? How were the results? How was it structured?

    I truly appreciate the help.



  • For a while now I have had a tightness in the muscles in my chest. It is very intense in the mornings and when it is at it’s worst I have trouble lifting my head. I always eventually manage to “pop” it and things go back to normal. The tightness showed up around the time that I was making major gains on all my lifts, including bench press, deadlift, and squats. I am assuming it is connected to the gains in the bench press, despite doing an equal amount of rows in an attempt to keep everything balanced.

    What gives? Does this have a name and what can I do about it?


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4 Responses

  1. Sent says:

    So did you donate that $50 or what?

  2. It hasn’t been a week yet.

  3. Jason says:

    This has nothing to do with the Fitcast….but Kevin how bout them Colts?

  4. Erin says:

    I wanna be that girl. The one that posts progress pics every week. Purdy Please?